Alexander Zverev to Face Roman Safiullin in ATP 250 Tournament Final in Chengdu

Alexander Zverev will play in the final of the ATP 250 tournament in Chengdu Roman Safiullin. The match will be available live from 1:30 p.m. on TV on Sky, in the live stream on WOW TV and on as well as in our live ticker.


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3:00 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 6:7 (3), 0:1

Zverev is still very passive – but Safiullin helps until 3:40 p.m. There will then be three breakballs that Sascha couldn’t use.

2:52 p.m

Conclusion I

It took 62 minutes. And Zverev had his chances – but all respect for Roman Safiullin, who plays extremely courageously.

2:51 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 6:7 (3)

2:5 – Returnfehler Zverev

2:6 – Forehand winner Safiullin

2:7 – strong forehand from Safiullin

2:49 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 6:6, 2:4

0:1 – Safiullin offensively and with a smash for the mini break

0:2 – Forehand error Zverev

0:3 – Returnfehler Zverev

1:3 – It’s from Zverev

2:3 – Safiullin backhand error

2:4 – Safiullin forehand point

2:44 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 6:6

Without drama, but with two aces at the end, Roman Safiullin reached the tiebreak.

2:41 p.m


Only Sebastian Baez has made more first serves in the current season than Alexander Zverev. Hands up if you knew that!

2:40 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 6:5

Great first point, which Safiullin finishes with a passed ball. The returns are getting better now. There is the first break ball for the Russian. Zverev defends himself.

2:32 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 5:5

A quick 0:30 with two errors from Safiullin. Then a Doppler. Roman bravely fends off the first two set balls. And the third with a magical stop. Sascha is not happy.

2:26 p.m

Little quiz question…

… in between: Alexander Zverev has the second highest percentage of first serves in 2023 on the ATP tour. Who is number one in this category? Guess along! But don’t look. Resolution is coming soon…

2:24 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 5:4

Safiullin sets things up well and often follows his balls. But the serve doesn’t let Sascha down today either.

2:21 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 4:4

And so it goes there. Maybe into a tiebreak?

2:17 p.m

In Peking …

… by the way, Daniil Medvedev, Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner are also coming back. Very busy. Meddy has to face Tommy Paul in the first round. Not fun either.

2:14 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 4:3

At 30:15, Zverev plays a very fine passing ball from the defense, and nothing burns in this service game either. Because Sascha finishes with the fourth ace.

2:11 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 3:3

Casual player, this Roman Safiullin. And he hasn’t shown any nerves at his final premiere so far.

2:08 p.m

For Alexander Zverev…

… we continue straight to Chengdu in Beijing. There he will meet Diego Schwartzmann in the first round and Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarterfinals according to the seeding list.

2:06 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 3:2

This is happening quickly. Safiullin risks early and a lot. If he comes into the rally as a receiver.

2:03 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 2:2

This time Safiullin has no problems either. By the way, his plan seems to be to massage Zverev’s forehand whenever possible.

1:59 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 2:1

After all: a rally took place when Zverev served. But the vest is still pristine white


1:57 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 1:1

After 30:0, Roman distributes gifts, Sascha cannot use the first break point of the match: the forehand return goes into the net. Safiullin equalizes.

1:51 p.m

Zverev – Safiullin 1:0

Four serves from Sascha. And not a single one came back into the field.

1:49 p.m

Zverev starts…

… with the serve. And now.

1:48 p.m

Roman Safiullin Hat in Chengdu

… not only took advantage of the opportunity, he also played really well. Especially against (a somewhat tired) Danny Evans and in the semi-final against Lore Musetti.

1:46 p.m

Whistles become an old friend:

Fergus Murphy. As we have known since the Wimbledon final in 2023 at the latest: Fergus is a man who is very generous with the shot clock.

1:42 p.m

Parallel zu Chengdu…

… while Zverev and Safiullin are getting ready, there is also the final in Zhuhai. Returnee Karen Khachanov will meet Yoshihito Nishioka there.

1:37 p.m

A few minutes will…

…we are late. Because the dopplers have just been finished. Stick to it! Anyone who needs moving images: Sky broadcasts live on channel 206. With Paul behind the microphone.

1:31 p.m

It is 32:1 for…

… Sascha, when it comes to finals on the ATP tour. 0-0 on the other hand, if you only look at the finals played on Tuesdays (jajajajajajajajaja, …. we’ll stop already).

1:25 p.m

A wonderful afternoon rest…

…we can wish. It is the traditional final Tuesday that we are celebrating today. And Zverev Sascha will win his 21st title on the ATP tour. We are absolutely sure of that! Only the Safiullin novel can have something against that…

Alexander Zverev meets Roman Safiullin

Tournament favorite Alexander Zverev will face Russian surprise Roman Safiullin in the final of the ATP 250 event in Chengdu. The German Olympic champion won the only duel between the two so far at the French Open 2021 in three sets

Zverev vs. Safiullin – there is a live stream here

The match between Alexander Zverev and Roman Safiullin will be available live on Sky TV from 1:30 p.m. and in the live stream on WOW TV and

Here is the individual tableau in Chengdu

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September 26, 2023, 2:51 p.m

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