The Bulldogs tennis tandems reach the CIF second round

Two of Ramona High School's doubles teams advanced to the second round of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Tennis Tournament 11-15. November at the Morley Field courts in San Diego. The tournament included three Ramona High School doubles teams and one Ramona singles player.

All four Ramona losses during the tournament were for opponents with a higher universal tennis rating (UTR) than the Bulldogs' nights. Each of the seven participating Ramona players has a UTR of 3.

The first two singles rounds were played on November 11. Ramona junior Kiera Duffy had a first-round match against Pilar Roncoroni of Southwest High School, who has a UTR of 4. Roncoroni removed Duffy in 6-2 and 6-1 sets.

"That match was a really good match," Duffy said. "I'm really glad I got to play somebody who was at the next level."

The top five singles players and the top five doubles teams in the Valley League Tournament 21-24. October at San Pasqual High School qualified for the CIF Tournament. Duffy was fourth in the singles section of the league, giving her a berth at the CIF Tournament for the second year in a row.

"It was an amazing experience and I'm really glad I got there," Duffy said.

"She definitely played better than last year," Ramona coach Troy Romero said. "She just played a really good game."

The first two rounds of the doubles were contested Nov. 12. Ramona's only defeat in the first round of doubles was when juniors Charlotte Boss and Emily McCrory lost a 6-2, 6-1 match to Steele Canyon partners Alivia Childs and Ashley Hoffman. Childs and Hoffman both have a UTR of 4, and they were the leading doubles team in the Grossmont Hills League Tournament.

"I'm really pleased with our performance today because we showed that we could compete with really good players," McCrory said. "We went out and gave it our all and played our best."

"I got to play really good people," Boss said. "I'm glad we got points for girls who were really good."

Boss and McCrory placed third in the Valley League doubles tournament to reach the CIF competition. “It was a really good experience. It took a lot to get here, ”Boss said.

Boss and McCrory intend to use this year's CIF experience for their 2020 seasons. "It gives us motivation," McCrory said.

"It can prepare us for the potential of what we can end up playing, especially if we continue to play tennis beyond that," Boss said.

Ramona's two seniors in the CIF Tournament, Sidney Din and Cambria Jeffers, first faced Horizon Prep Nets Nicole Easum and Sara Melby, who both have a UTR of 1. Din and Jeffers advanced with a 6-0, 6-0 record. victory.

“We definitely wanted it a lot. We knew what we had to do, ”Din said. "We were just working on what we saw."

CIF has both a team tournament and an individual tournament. Ramona reached the semi-finals of the Division III playoffs and opened the game after the season with a 13-5 win over Horizon Prep. Din and Jeffers defeated Easum and Melby in one of the playoffs.

"They kind of knew what they were getting into. I think it helped, "Romero said.

“We were lucky with our draw. I think they are a good team, but I think we played very well. We just played our game, ”Jeffers said.

"Their online games were dominant," Romero said. "They were determined to win and finish their career strong."

Unless they won the championship, Din and Jeffers would end the tournament with a loss, and that happened in the second round. Rancho Bernardo players Ashley Nguyen and Yazmin Pakzad each have a UTR of 6. Their 6-1, 6-0 win against Din and Jeffers was their second of three wins that allowed them to reach the 16 round.

“They were really good. We tried our best, but there is no stopping them, ”Din said.

“They were extremely good. We were glad we got a game out of them, ”Jeffers said. “It's really cool that we got this far. It's a big business. "

"They played a very good team, but they got a game," Romero said of Din and Jeffers. "It's a great way to end their high school career."

"It was just pretty cool to be able to be there," Din said. "We just worked well together and I think that's why we got as far as we did."

Bulldogs girls tennis CIF tournament

Ramona High School Bulldogs girls tennis CIF tournament players

Din and Jeffers lost the Valley League game in third place against Boss and McCrory, thus placing fourth in the league tournament. Ryan Din and Michaela Pierce, also both juniors, defeated Boss and McCrory in the league semi-finals before settling for second place after a loss in the championship game.

Ryan Din and Pierce began the CIF Tournament by defeating the Mar Vista tandem of Damiana Young and Brenda Zapien, who both have a UTR of 1. The score was 6-1, 6-2.

"My first year at varsity, it was fun to get past the first round," Din said.

Nandhini Ekambaram and Michelle Kartsub of Sage Creek both have a UTR of 4. They won 6-0 and 6-2 sets against Din and Pierce.

"I thought it was a good match," Din said.

"It was a great experience and I learned a lot this year," Pierce said. "Losing the second round helped me learn what to focus on and what I can fix to improve next year."

Din and Pierce were both first-year varsity players. "Their progress has been excellent," Romero said. "I think they have to be really proud of themselves."


Serena Williams shows "Yacht Type" in sunny photos

Serena Williams has lived it up on the high seas. The 39-year-old tennis sensation posted a few pictures on Instagram showing her enjoying life on a yacht. Though she managed in the caption, "I don't have any Yacht type."

In the typically crowded comment section, fans called Williams a "Walking Living Legend," while fellow tennis pro Nicole Gibbs and model Gigi Hadid also weighed in with their enthusiastic support. While it is unclear where these photos were taken accurately, she also used the photo sharing platform to show her family vacation in the Maldives in early November.

Overall, it seems Williams has been enjoying life since losing a tough, 56-minute tennis match to Simona Halep at Wimbledon over the summer. It ended after Williams' last shot from the front ran straight into the net, giving the victory to Halep, the first Romanian player placed 7th during the match. It was an unexpected victory that caused ripples throughout the tennis world.

William's last grand slam title came in 2017, and last year at Wimbledon she reached the final that was purchased lost to Angelique Kerber. She also lost the U.S. Open to Naomi Osaka. Despite these setbacks, she still ranks as one of the best tennis players in the world.

Out of court, Williams recently spilled the beans about some gossip about the royal family after revealing that Meghan Markle had taken her son, Archie, to the United States on a covert tour. This news came after Markle and husband Prince Henry Charles Albert David made their first "official" trip to the states in September this year.

When referring to the huge amount of security involving the royal family, she said that Markle was "literally the strongest person I know – and the best, sweet."

"She flew all the way with a newborn to see me play in New York and flew all the way back that night, and I probably couldn't have done that. It kind of shows you what an amazing person she is. many things she does for me I call her, text her anytime cry, sorry she is always there and doesn't matter what she goes through, she just puts time away and she is just so amazing . "


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Wozniacki retires after the Australian Open

"With 30 WTA singles titles, a world ranking in 71 weeks, a victory in the WTA Final, 3 Olympics, including carrying the flag for my home country, and winning the Australian Open Grand Slam Championships in 2018, I have achieved everything I could ever dream of on the field.

“I've always said to myself, when the time comes that there are things away from tennis that I want to do more, then it's time to get done.

“In recent months I have realized that there is much more in life that I would like to complete from the field.

“Getting married to David was one of those goals and starting a family with him while continuing to travel around the world and helping to raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis (project coming) are all my passions moving forward.

"So with that, I announce today that I will retire after professional tennis after the Australian Open in January. This has nothing to do with my health, and this is not a farewell that I look forward to sharing my exciting journey with All of you!

Caroline Wozniacki has stated that she has other ambitions in life besides tennis.

Caroline Wozniacki has stated that she has other ambitions in life besides tennis.Credit:AP

"In the end, I want to thank with all my heart, my fans, my friends, my sponsors, my team, especially my dad as my coach, my husband and my family for decades of support! Without all of you I could never have done this ! "

Although she was the world's top player in 2010-2012, reaching No. 1 again in 2018, Wozniacki won only one grand slam event. A win at the Australian Open 2018 over Simona Halep finally placed her among the big winners.

She also won two U.S. Open finals and won 30 titles for the Women's Tennis Association. As a Dane, she carried the nation's flag at the 2016 Olympics


& # 39; We haven't achieved anything & # 39 ;: Greta Thunberg calls for & # 39; concrete action & # 39; during the Madrid climate conference

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has called on politicians to listen to the voices of young people in the second week of international climate negotiations.

The Swedish teen activist spoke today as thousands of youth activists gathered in central Madrid to voice their anger over the slow progress so far. The protest, organized by the Fridays for Future climate attack movement, was also attended by many students, families and professionals.

Just a few miles away, in the confined environment of Madrid's largest convention center, dealers from around the world continued to try to hammer out the final details of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Thunberg surprisingly appeared at the conference Friday to meet other young activists before being whipped by security. She had made her way across the world after negotiations were moved from Chile due to civil unrest.

Ms Thunberg later told reporters that the voices of climatologists were heard but that there was not enough "concrete action" taking place. "Of course, there is no victory, because the only thing we want to see is real action," she said, "so we have achieved a lot, but if you look at it from a certain point of view, we have achieved nothing."

Hers was not the only young presence trying to push for more ambitious results in Madrid. When Samoan student Brianna Fruean of 350 Samoa and Pacific Climate Warriors spoke in a panel chaired by the Association of Small Island States, it said it was critical to remember that some nations represented during the talks were struggling pure survival. "World leaders need to know that people like me see them."

The main sticking points in the negotiations that began Monday are how to establish new international rules for carbon markets and how to help poor countries pay for climate change losses and damage.

A decision on carbon market rules proves difficult because of disagreements over what to do with the surplus credits from previous emissions trading schemes and how to avoid the "double counting" of emission cards traded abroad.

Progress on loss and damage is also far off. Many vulnerable nations are pushing for a new financial mechanism to pay for major one-off disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons as well as longer-term problems that are exacerbated by climate change.

But influential developed countries, especially Australia, Japan and Switzerland (as well as the US withdrawing from the Paris Agreement), do not want financing on the table at all because they think it will open the flood gates for future claims.

Another sensitive issue being discussed is how to ensure that human rights are respected in climate action. Russia, in particular, is resistant to the debate on human rights in every context.

An underlying concern during the negotiations is the extent to which countries are expected to be more ambitious when revising their national CO2 reduction commitments next year.

A recent report by the United Nations Environment Program warned that there was a wide gap between what countries have so far committed to and the goal of keeping global warming to a reasonably safe level. It found that global fossil fuel production must be more than halved by 2030 to remain within a temperature rise of 1.5c, with coal the biggest offender.

Pressure to agree on these issues is rising next week as senior national ministers arrive in Madrid. Whatever they decide will determine the way forward for the next negotiations to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow next November.

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Activists cheer for Thunberg, calls for climate action in Madrid | Voice of America

MADRID – Activists of all ages and from all corners of the planet demanded concrete action Friday against climate change from leaders and negotiators at a global summit in Madrid.

A march was led by dozens of representatives of Latin America's indigenous peoples – a mark of respect after anti-government protests in Chile, the summit's original host, resulted in the talks being suddenly moved to Europe for the third year in a row.

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg declared from one stage that “ change will not come from the powerful people, it will come from the masses. "A crowd of thousands answered and sang:` `Greta! Greta! & # 39; & # 39;

Protesters march to demand world leaders take real action against climate change, during a Madrid protest on Friday December ...
Protesters march to demand that world leaders take real action against climate change during a Madrid protest, December 6, 2019.

Organizers said 500,000 people showed up for the march, but Madrid authorities put the number to 15,000 without an immediate explanation for the difference in the count.

The Swedish teen was followed on her first day in Madrid by a swarm of cameras and journalists, as well as curious members of the public who would take video of her on their smartphones, from the very first step she took of an overnight train from Lisbon.

Critical banner

Two young activists were cheering as they sailed from a bridge and stretched out a banner, saying, “ Just 8 years to 1.5 degrees C. HOW DO YOU TOUR? & # 39; & # 39; – a reference to scientists' forecasts of rising temperatures, and what activists are complaining about is the lack of a convincing political response to the threat.

The crunch when people tried to catch a glimpse of Thunberg led her to pull out shortly after the start of the march, saying police had advised her to leave for safety, and she climbed into an electric car.

A Madrid police spokeswoman, speaking on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to be named in media reports, said it had only been “ suggested & # 39; & # 39; '' that Thunberg should leave, after she appeared & # 39; overwhelmed & # 39; of the attention and that the police never ordered the activist to give up for security reasons.

Earlier in the day, the 16-year-old said at a news conference that calls for real action against climate change were still & # 39; ignored & # 39; by political leaders despite their continued praise of the global environmental youth movement she helped create.

Thunberg hoped that the COP25 Summit would lead to “ something concrete & # 39; & # 39; and “ increased awareness among people in general, '' but she said that after more than a year of student strikes, “ virtually nothing has happened yet. ''

“ The climate crisis is still ignored by the powerful, & # 39; & # 39; she added.

Rules for carbon markets, compensation

During the negotiations 2-13. By December, nearly 200 countries are destined to streamline the rules of global carbon markets and agree on how poor countries should be compensated for the destruction caused largely by emissions from rich nations.

An official directly involved in the talks said that despite a few setbacks, the technical negotiations continued, although there were many issues left for ministerial meetings at the second and last week of the summit.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity in light of the sensitivity of the discussions, added that a political statement of greater & # 39; ambition & # 39; – a buzzword at the summit – designed to be & # 39; & # 39; difficult to achieve. & # 39; & # 39;

“ A summit that does not end with enhanced ambition would be something that no one would understand if we take into account what the streets and science tell us, & # 39; & # 39; said the official.

The talks came as evidence of disasters that could result from further global warming, including a study published Friday predicting that uncontrolled climate change could destroy fisheries sectors and coral reef tourism.

People attend a climate change protest march as COP25 climate summit is held in Madrid, Spain, on December 6, 2019. REUTERS…
People are participating in a climate change protest march as the COP25 climate summit is held in Madrid, Spain, December 6, 2019.

The study commissioned by 14 nations whose economies are heavily dependent on the ocean says climate change could cause hundreds of billions of dollars in losses in 2050, adding that limiting global warming would reduce the economic impact for coastal countries, but that they also have to adapt to the sea is changing.

Leaders "afraid of change"

Demands for greater action by NGOs and a whole new generation of environmentally conscious activists were expected to come to light with the presence of Thunberg in Madrid.

Past appearances have won her the esteem of some leaders and criticism of others who have wronged the angry tone of her post.

Asked about skepticism about global efforts to combat the warming temperatures expressed by some of the world's leaders, including US President Donald Trump and Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, she said: “ Some people want everything to continue as now . They are afraid of the change that we, the young people, are bringing. & # 39; & # 39;

“ They are trying so desperately to subdue us, & # 39; & # 39; she added.

Next to her, Vanessa Nakate, a 22-year-old member of Uganda's Fridays for Future chapter, said young activists don't want more promises.

"We are tired of the roses that you continue to give the activists," she said. & # 39; & # 39; We want you to take action. & # 39; & # 39;

During a brief visit to the summit site earlier Friday, Thunberg did not appear uneasy about the fuss surrounding her presence.

“ It's absurd. I laugh about it. I do not understand why it has become so, “ She was quoted as saying by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

"I don't like being in the center of focus all the time, but that's a good thing," she told Aftonbladet. “ As soon as the media writes about me, they also have to write about the climate crisis. If this is a way to write about the climate crisis, I suppose it's good. & # 39; & # 39;

American participation

Separately, on Friday, an alliance with US states, cities, academic institutions and businesses opened its own place during the UN's climate negotiations to show that despite the federal administration's decision to pull the US out of the Paris agreement, many Americans continue to be committed to the treaty's goal of limiting global warming.

Elan Strait, who manages the & # 39; We are still in & # 39; for the World Wildlife Fund environmental group, said the move is a short-term bandwidth not only to reduce these carbon dioxide emissions, but also to encourage politicians to lay the groundwork for further results.

Over 3,800 organizations and companies, representing 70% of US economic output, have joined the coalition, organizers claim, accounting for roughly half of the country's emissions.


Villarreal 0-0 Atletico Madrid: Report, ratings and reaction as Colchoneros slides up the road again

Atletico Madrid got it five away while La Liga pulls in the trot as their clash with Villarreal ended in deadlock on Friday night.

Due to the pressure of manager Diego Simeone's pressure, Atleti failed to find a way through their host's defense, with Joao Felix closest to hitting the post. Villarreal goalie Sergio Asenjo was also in inspired form, making some important stops to deny the visitors.

A draw means Atleti are likely to lose more space in the La Liga title race, with rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid both in action on Saturday.



Player Ratings

Starts XI: Asenjo (8); Gaspar (6), Albiol (7), Torres (7), Quintilla (6); Iborra (6); Chukwueze (7), Anguissa (7), Trigueros (7), Gomez (6); Moreno (6).

deputies: Ekambi (5), Morlanes (5).


Keynote Speech Point

There had been talk before Friday night's clash that there was some disharmony in the Atleti squad following a series of disappointing results, talk that Simeone was quick to choke.

However, Atleti had only managed two wins in their last six following the loss to Barcelona on Saturday, so it is perhaps hardly surprising that questions about Simeone's future at the club began to emerge.


So, in some ways, maybe a scoreless first half, iced Felix hits the post and Jan Oblak made a few stops, exactly what the La Liga champions in 2013/14 needed.

But while things were a little quieter, Atleti struggled in front of goal during the game.

Felix often looked like the player who may have been able to break the stalemate, collecting a large number of nine shots full time, but he only ever went close and hit the back of the net.

Player Ratings

Starts XI: Sheet (7); Arias (7), Felipe (7), Hermoso (7), Lodi (8); Saul (7), Herrera (6), Partey (5), Koke (7); Felix (6), Morata (6).

deputies: Vitola (6), Trippier (5), Llorente (5).

STAR PLAYER – The picture below probably doesn't measure him in a fantastic light, but Renan Lodi actually had a pretty solid night Los Colchoneros.

Lodi was clear throughout, providing a calm presence down the left side of Atletico as he burst forth to support his attacking teammates.

Samuel Chimerenka Chukweze, Renan Lodi

However, he missed a golden chance and threw one over at half volley from close range. But all in all, it was a good outing from the Brazilian international, similar to the player who could hold the left back seat as Filipe Luis & # 39; s prolonged successor.

Look forward to

Villarreal are not in action until next Sunday when they take on La Liga flyers Sevilla, while Atleti have Champions League commitments in the midweek to look forward to.


A win against Lokomotiv Moscow on Wednesday would guarantee progression to the knockout stages of Europe's elite competition, but anything less would open the door to Bundesliga outfit Bayer Leverkusen, who hosts Group D winners Juventus.

They are then back to home duty the following weekend with a match against Osasuna at Wanda Metropolitano.

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Developer withdraws schedule for tennis court parties – Coastal Observer

The score stands at 4-0 in the battle for the future of the former Litchfield Racquet Club, as another developer has requested to retract a rescheduling request instead of being denied by Georgetown County Council. It is the fifth plan to be served for the facility this year and the fourth to be withdrawn.

"We have withdrawn the application," said Dan Stacy, attorney for AmeriBuilt Homes. "There was no sustainable way forward to change the planned development."

The property is owned by Founders National Golf, which purchased it along with several golf courses owned by Myrtle Beach National. The tennis club and its 17 clay courts closed in October 2018.

Two plans for the property were proposed earlier this year by Trey Smith. One called for 108 one-bedroom apartments on the 8.5 acre adjacent to the Litchfield Country Club, a community of villas on lots of at least 10,000 square feet.

The apartment plan was withdrawn before a public hearing for the Planning Commission when county staff recommended rejection. So was another plan for 32 lots of 4,600 square feet.

AmeriBuilt houses resubmitted the 32-part plan, but also withdrew. Then it proposed 19 lots of 10,000 square feet.

Because the property is a "planned development," the change in use from tennis courts to residential lots required county approval. Resistance came from neighbors and people concerned that the change in use at the racetclub would set a precedent for converting the Founders Group golf courses to housing development.

The Planning Commission voted 4-3 to recommend denying the rescheduling following a hearing that drew hundreds of people in opposition. Some of them want to buy the club and reopen it. They say the Founders Group will not speak to them.

Stacy said he made offers to become buyers of both Smith and Shawn Becker of AmeriBuilt, including one after the vote in the commission. "I've never heard an answer," he said.

The rescheduling should come before the county council next week. Council members John Thomas and Steve Goggans, representing the area, oppose the change. If reconciled, the regulation regulation would require owners to wait a year before applying for a new re-regulation.

Without a change to the zoning plan, "it remains just as it is," said Boyd Johnson, the county's planning director.

AmeriBuilt is building 14 duplexes that were previously approved for another part of the planned development, which was created in 1987 to allow for duplexes and tennis courts. Goggans, who worked with the plan before being elected to council, said the multifamily units were outweighed by the open space containing the tennis courts.

AmeriBuilt no longer has an agreement to purchase the 8.5 acres. "Now it will be up to the Founders Group to decide what it will do," Stacy said.

Without a regulatory change, its options are limited to tennis courts, Johnson said. "The ball is completely in their court."


Tamarine in line for couple of tennis crowns

Tamarine in line for couple of tennis crowns

Playing 2 finals in one day worries the Thai veteran

Tamarine Tanasugarn (left) and Peangtarn Plipluech play in the women's doubles semi-final on Friday.

Tamarine Tanasugarn (left) and Peangtarn Plipluech play in the women's doubles semi-final on Friday.

The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand's decision to persuade Tamarine Tanasugarn to come out of retirement proves to be correct as the veteran star remains on course to win two gold medals at the SEA Games in the Philippines.

Tamarine and Peangtarn Plipluech reached the women's doubles final after beating Vietnam's Phan Thi Thanh Binh and Tran Thuy Thanh Truc 6-3, 6-2 in the semi-finals on Friday.

In today's finale, Tamarine and Peangtarn meet Indonesian top seeds Beatrice Gumulya and Jessy Rompies, who defeated Thai duo Luksika Kumkhum and Patcharin Chepcharndej 6-4, 7-5.

Also today, Tamarine and Sanchai Ratiwatana take on Asian playmakers Christopher Rungkat and Aldila Sutjiadi from Indonesia in the mixed doubles final.

The LTAT expected to take home three gold medals, but should be happy with two.

Tamarine, Thailand's most successful female tennis player of all time, announced her comeback to attend the SEA Games earlier this year.

As a 42-year-old, she is one of Thailand’s oldest athletes in the Philippines 2019 and could be one of the most successful.

However, she admitted yesterday that she had difficult tasks in both finals.

"It won't be easy for me to play two events on the same day," said the Los Angeles-born Thai star.

“We also have to meet Indonesian players in both events. Their women's doubles are the top seeds, while their mixed doubles are the gold medals in Asia.

"We can't underestimate them. I have to be at my best. My partners and I want to win for the Thai people."

Meanwhile, LTAT President Kitsombat Euammongkol praised teenager Anchisa Chanta, who took the bronze in the women's singles in her debut in the SEA Games.

The event was won by Indonesia's Aldila Sutjiadi, who beat Nguyen Savanna Ly in the final.

Mistakes in golf

The Thailand Golf Association aimed to do a clean sweep of four gold medals, but has already missed the target.

At the conclusion of the individual events yesterday, the team could claim only two silver and two bronze medals.

In the men’s competition, Thailand’s Thanapat Pichaikul, who is studying at Mississippi State University, shot a four-under-par 68 in the third and final round for a total of 204.

He lost to James Leow Kwang Aik of Singapore, who fired a 65 for 203. Thailand's Nopparat Panichpol finished third at 205.

In the women's event, Thailand's Kan Bunnabodee hit a straight par 72 for 212 to get second behind Isabel Pagdanganan in the Philippines in 209.

Thailand's Pimnipa Panthong finished third at 213.

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Atletico Madrid vs. Lokomotiv Moscow Champions League Matchday 6 odds, selections & odds view

Wanda-Metropolitano Stadium
Atletico Madrid entertain Lokomotiv Moscow in UCL Matchday 6, with a victory earning them a spot in the knockout phase. Photo by Fernandopascullo (Wiki Commons) (CC license)
  • It's Matchday 6 of the UEFA Champions League next week
  • Second place in Group D is still looking for the grabs between Atleti and Leverkusen
  • Alteti massive favorites for the home win

While Juve have tied for the top spot in the UEFA Champions League Group D, there is an almighty match developing into second place and a spot in the tournament's lucrative knockout stages. It's boiled down to a two-way match for second place between Atleti and Bayer Leverkusen, with the Spaniards entering the final round of matches just one point ahead.

With Atletico Madrid at home in the last game for Lokomotiv on Wednesday, December 11 at. 15:00 EST and Leverkusen also at home against Juventus, it looks like the odds favor the Spanish team, but is there value to have around this fixture? We take a closer look.

Atletico Madrid vs Lokomotiv Moscow UCL Odds

Team Spread Money Line Total
Atletico Madrid -1.5, -2.0 (-107) -476 O 2.5 (-118)
Locomotive Moscow +1.5, +2.0 (-109) 1150 U 2.5 (+102)
Draw N / A 500 N / A

Odds taken on December 6

Atleti are huge favorites for this one, but it's a game full of pressure for them. Anything but a win will leave the door for Leverkusen, who have a home game against already qualified Juve. Given that the Italians have already sewn up the group, they may not be able to go 100% on this, perhaps resting some of their regular first XI, and so Atleti must assume that Leverkusen can get a result here.

The stakes couldn't be higher for the Spaniards, and for them to miss the knockout phase would be a blow to a club that has gone deep in the tournament in recent years. Manager Diego Simeone would consider a place in the Europa League – awarded to teams that finish third in the Champions League qualifying groups – as a failure.

Still working on doing for Atleti

Atletico had a rough start to the group when Juve visited the Wanda Metropolitano stadium on opening day and had to return from 2-0 down to earn a point. Second half goals from Stefan Savic and Hector Herrera – the latter in the 90th minute – saved a draw from what looked like an impossible position. They followed this up with a solid away victory against Lokomotiv in Moscow – goals from Joao Felix and Thomas – and on Matchday 3 they gave themselves the edge over Leverkusen in the group as Alvaro Morata scored the only goal of the match.

At the time, Atleti looked nailed to qualify, but two consecutive defeats on match days 4 and 5 have left them with still work to do. A draw in Germany saw Leverkusen beat them 2-1 – Morata's 90-minute goal was nothing more than a consolation – and against Juve in Turin they went down 1-0.

2020 UEFA Champions League Odds Tracker

Off to a flyer, but no joy for the locomotive

Locomotives were expecting a tough campaign and they were not disappointed, but back on Matchday 1 they dropped off to an absolute flyer. A 2-1 away win in Leverkusen – goals from Grzegorz Krychowiak and Dmitri Barinov – gave them hope of their first visit ever in the knockout stages of the tournament, but unfortunately for the Moscovites, as good as it would come.

Despite playing some good football and not being on the receiving end of a stupid one at any point, four consecutive defeats for Lokomotiv followed. The third of them, at home to Juve, effectively signaled the end of their Champions League journey, with the fourth, another home defeat – this time by Leverkusen – ending their hopes of a Europa League place.

Twist and Turns are waiting in Madrid

Everything here points to a home win, but it may not be as straightforward as it looks. Matchday 6 notoriously throws some odd results because of the pressure created by the do-or-die nature of the games with knockout phase qualification at stake.

It will be one of those evenings where events on the Madrid runway will be influenced by events in Germany. For example, if Leverkusen scores an early goal against Juve, the whole dynamic has changed, which, if the results were to remain the same, Atleti would finish third. There will be twists and turns.

Ultimately, it comes down to Atleti holding their nerve and being able to handle the apartment. I can see it's a tight one and I wouldn't be surprised to see Leverkusen beat Juve, but can see Atletico scraping home – and through to 16 – of the odd goal.

Choose: Atleti wins 1-0

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Transfer news and rumors LIVE: Man City and Chelsea chase Dembele –

Transfer news and rumors LIVE: Man City and Chelsea chase Dembele