Rob Pelinka reveals the profile the Lakers will recruit

As the builder of the recently crowned champion team, Rob Pelinka might feel he has done his duty. However, he knows that the Lakers’ goals remain big for the future, and has thus revealed the type of player he wishes to sign soon. Arrived as GM of the Lakers thanks to his liabilities of former […]

Basketball teacher arrested on allegations of sexual abuse against minors

What happened? Detectives of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Investigation police (PDI) of Vicuña, in coordination with the Public Ministry, arrested a basketball teacher accused of having committed sexual abuse against minors who were his students. The case The commissioner Daniel Maldonado, head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PDI of Vicuña, explained […]

They detected a nest of killer hornets the size of a basketball

Scientists in Washington state discovered a nest of so-called killer hornets and plan to eradicate it on Saturday to protect native bees, officials said Friday. Workers at the state Department of Agriculture spent weeks searching, trapping and flossing to tie tracking devices to giant Asian hornets, whose sting is extremely painful but whose real threat […]

The day that Bahia basketball got together to applaud Tatita Laguzzi

By Fernando Rodriguez Twitter: @rodriguezefe Instagram: ferodriguez_(Extension of the note published in the printed edition) Every other week he traveled as a medical visitor; He came back, trained, played … His legs, at this point, already reminded him of the fast guard, with a good shot and a firm defender. Basketball was no longer a […]

Shaq etches against Lakers roleplayers: “Post a photo and shut up”

Shaquille O’Neal has criticized some Los Angeles Lakers players for their social media activity. The center legend especially bothers how some players portray themselves. The Diesel got angry that some Lakers players took themselves more seriously than they were at the team’s title run. “You know what I don’t like at all as a player,” […]

BG Göttingen: preliminary decision against Vechta?

Good “Guti”: The new BG playmaker Jorge Gutiérrez (center) at the cup opener in Vechta against Frankfurt’s Len Schoormann (6) and Matt Mobley. © CHRISTIAN BECKER The violets should not miss this great opportunity! On Saturday (8.30 p.m., MagentaSport live), the BG Göttingen will play their second game in the BBL Cup in Group B in […]

Anthony Davis, LeBron James has already passed the torch to him internally

Finals MVP, LeBron James was incredible in the title won by the Los Angeles Lakers. At 35, the King still impressed his world with a very high level of play. However, in this Playoffs campaign, the winger was not necessarily always the best player of his team. Many times, Anthony Davis was the strong man […]

DeMarcus Cousins ​​publicly gunned down by former coach

Endowed with an immense talent recognized by all, DeMarcus Cousins ​​was nonetheless a difficult player to manage, in particular for one of his former coaches. In view of his last tweet, this one has also always bad towards the pivot. The proverb would like time to heal all wounds. Obviously, he hasn’t done a good […]

BeBasket: basketball news in France and Europe: Gravelines-Dunkerque

Like the prefecture of Saône-et-Loire, the prefecture of the North (59) has decided to go beyond the measures recommended by the government by imposing a closed door for indoor sporting events. This is how the match between BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque and JDA Dijon, scheduled for this Saturday from 5.30 p.m. at Sportica, will be played behind […]

Basketball Academy will sign collaboration agreement with Club Aztks

The Cimá Basketball Academy, will sign next week a collaboration agreement with the Aztks Club of Mexico City, with the aim of creating more opportunities for basketball players in southern Quintana Roo. Cristian Cimá, director of the ABC Academy, pointed out that the Aztks Club is a team with important national renown, which gives an […]