NBA: What is Usman Garuba going to find in the Warriors? | NBA 2023

Updated Tuesday, September 26, 2023 – 15:17

The Spaniard is now officially a player for one of the most attractive franchises in the NBA, although his contract is dual and he will start from the affiliated team.

Garuba, during the last World Cup. ALBERTO NEVADOFEB

“With all due respect, at no time did I consider returning,” he said. And his wishes were fulfilled. Usman Garuba He signs for the Warriors and there is no more striking headline. This Tuesday the official news was still sent on the website of the franchise that has won four of the last nine rings (in addition to two runners-up), which has in its squad Steph Curry o Klay Thompson and that has been reinforced with Chris Paul. Who spends more than anyone else on salaries (more than 209 million dollars), who has Steve Kerr on the bench and the most attractive basketball in the entire NBA. A Spaniard goes there for the first time (Jose Calderon He even signed for the San Francisco team, although he never debuted), although with an asterisk.

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Because Garuba, 21 years old, has signed for the Warriors, yes, with the Golden State and with the Santa Cruz. A dual contract (two way), shared with the affiliated team that competes in the G-League and that Kerr also coaches, but his son Nick. His salary of $508,891 does not count against the NBA franchise and has some limitations: he cannot play more than 50 games in the ‘first team’ and it does not allow him to play in the playoffs.

So much for the bad news. Because the outlook is still hopeful for the Spanish international. Firstly, because he fulfills his priority of continuing to explore the NBA route, the competition to which he arrived three seasons ago and in which he did not have enough opportunities in the Rockets. After a summer of up to three transfers to finally be cut by the Thunder (they paid him the more than two million dollars that he was going to receive this year), he was free, no NBA team claimed him for their squads and rumors about him skyrocketed. return to a Real Madrid that maintains its rights in Europe.

Finally, as EL MUNDO reported, Garuba accepted one of the several two-way proposals that he had on the table and that he evaluated during the World Cup dispute. He remained firm in his intentions, announced without embarrassment on social networks: «I will prove everyone wrong. Remember these words. And he has ended up in none other than the Warriors, a team that had him under their radar for a long time and in which the outlook, for many reasons, can be very favorable for his characteristics.

As highlighted on the Californian franchise’s own website, Usman’s mirror has long been in Draymond Green. A fierce, versatile guy, not too tall, decisive defensively, with enormous passing ability and speed to adapt to the frenetic game that Steve Kerr proposes and Curry executes. “I really like watching Draymond. There are tons of clips of him on my iPad. I learn a lot from him: how he plays defensively. Also the way he communicates with his teammates and his leadership on the court. It makes everything easier for the Warriors,” the Spaniard said some time ago on Hooshype.

Because the Warriors, who finally declined to reinforce themselves with the very veteran Dwigt Howard, they are not giant centers and there Usman can find a huge loophole. Only three interior players leave under Kerr’s orders, Green himself, the starter Kevon Looney and rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis. The tallest player on the squad is Dario Saric (2.08), a power forward with a clear tendency towards the perimeter. “We have several players who can play as ‘5’ and we want Garuba to play. We want the players to have minutes and games to be able to evaluate the talent,” the new General Manager has warned. Mike Dunleavy.

The Athletic also evaluates with optimism the arrival of a Garuba who, after the World Cup, has not stopped preparing, with exhausting individual sessions in his native Azuqueca de Henares. “A piece of depth and great potential,” they warn.

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