The Lingering Conflict: James Harden’s Strained Relationship with Kelly Oubre Jr. Threatens the 76ers

In the process of leaving for weeks, James Harden remains stuck with the 76ers as training camp approaches. However, his situation may not improve following the arrival of the team’s latest recruit, with whom he displays a spicy history.

In all likelihood, his ties to his franchise couldn’t deteriorate further. By attacking its leaders at the 76ers head-on and publicly, James Harden no doubt thought of forcing the latter to trade it in the second. And yet, it has now been more than a month since he won his case, which does nothing to reassure him as the start of the season approaches.

A time announced to the Clippers, where he would like more than anything to evolve in the coming months, The Beard saw this possibility suddenly disappeared a few days ago. At the same time, Philadelphia seems ready to put him in the closet after attracting his possible replacement in the backcourt, namely Kelly Oubre Jr. A recruitment which could also be compared to a big snub towards the 2018 MVP.

The latent conflict that threatens between Kelly Oubre Jr. and James Harden

In May 2020, an anonymous source reported the more than close relationship between Oubre and a certain Shylinn Gibson:

I can definitely confirm that Shy and Kelly have been hanging out for a few weeks. She even went to LA with him and his manager. I don’t have formal proof but a lot of people in Arizona know about it.

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But then, what could be the connection with Harden and the fact that the two men are currently part of the same squad? According to this same source, the famous Shylinn also had a relationship with the Bearded Man:

She was supposedly James’ girlfriend for a time. James even almost canceled a party he was organizing at his house in Arizona because he was so pissed when he realized she was with Kelly in LA.

The fact that two stars of the league are fighting for the same conquest is not a rarity. Likewise, this story already dates back a few years and could therefore have been forgotten by the two teammates. However, this seems unlikely in the case of Oubre… who has since married the young woman and with whom he gave birth to two children. A certain unease could therefore quickly set in in the Philly locker room!

No doubt angry with James Harden following the latter’s inflammatory statements towards him, did Daryl Morey knowingly sign Kelly Oubre Jr.? That wouldn’t seem so surprising coming from him!

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