Spar Girona presents the kits for the 2022-23 season

The Spar Girona presented this afternoon the three outfits which will lead throughout the 2022-23 season in an event that took place at the Diputació de Girona. The first is red, while the second and third are yellow and black, respectively.

“With this new design we have emphasized the values ​​of Uni, which is why the red, black and yellow stand out. We have removed all the stripes from previous years to give prominence to the colors and, above all, highlight our team . It has personality and we wear a flag because we want to go around Europe showing where we come from”, commented the president of the club, Cayetano Perezconvinced to participate again in the Euroleague.

After the retirement of Laia Palau as a player, Maria Araújo has assumed the captaincy. “As players we see the kits and we want to wear the Uni colors again. The new ones too. Hopefully we can wear these colors in the Euroleague and continue to bring joy to the city and celebrate titles,” he said .

During the presentation, it was remembered the last time that Spar Girona set foot in the session hall of the Provincial Council. It was to celebrate the Queen’s Cup in 2021. They all insisted that this year “we hope to repeat the image of Laia Palau to offer the title to the city”.

The kits are now available on the club’s website.


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