Clan – Choose Your Destiny: A Story of Friendship, Judo, and Rebellion against Organized Crime

(PRIMAPRESS) – ROME – A boy from Scampia who, through friendship, judo and the guidance of maestro Maddaloni, finds the strength to rebel against a destiny already marked by organized crime. It is the story of “Clan – Choose your destiny”, the new Rai Kids series which debuts exclusively and for the first time on Thursday 23 May on RaiPlay, on the occasion of Legality Day. Francesco, 15 years old, was born and raised in Scampia, on the outskirts of Naples, with a fugitive father, a rarely present mother and an older brother, called Ninja, who makes his way in the Camorra. His destiny is already written, but the meeting with the Maddaloni Judo gym offers him one more possibility. Through judo, he learns discipline and respect towards his opponent, and meets a group of boys who soon become his faithful friends. The boys of the Maddaloni Clan are young people who want to change their destiny by emancipating themselves from the Camorra system, young people who believe in the force of good. Among these, Ginevra is certainly the one who believes in it the most: daughter of Francesco’s Italian teacher, she teaches the latter that one must have the courage to make choices, and this is what marks one’s destiny. The series produced by KidsMe (the Content Factory of De Agostini Editore) & Mosaicon Film, in collaboration with Rai Kids, is based on the bestselling novel “O Maé – Storia di Judo e di camorra” by Luigi Garlando (published by Mondadori Libri in the series bestBUR), inspired by the true story of Gianni Maddaloni’s gym in Scampia. – (PRIMAPRESS)

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