The Suns’ Bold Move: Hiring Mike Budenholzer as Head Coach in Quest for NBA Title

Big market movements in the Western Conference: the owners spare no expense and hire the turning point coach

Put together Kevin Durant, Devin Booker e Bradley Beal. And then ask him to win the NBA title. An undertaking that is certainly not simple but not impossible, considering the talent of the 3 stars, also assisted by a highly respectable ‘supporting cast’. Big news in a franchise disappointed by the defeat taken in the Playoffs (LaPresse) –

Then put a young franchise in front of the roster in question, orchestrated by the ‘old’ Mike Conley who arms the hand of Karl-Anthony Towns and the new phenomenon Anthony Edwards and raise the first ball of the match, the best of 7 games, valid for the first round of the playoffs in the Western Conference.

Well, raise your hand if you would have bet even a single dollar on the fact that i The Minnesota Timberwolvesthe second team whose characteristics we have listed, could inflict on the Phoenix Suns a ‘sweep’. A 4-0 defeat. A series that never really began: the Arizona franchise was literally swept away by its opponents, opening a post-season crisis that immediately led to drastic decisions. Irreversible. Revolutionary.

Before making the choices that we will talk about shortly, quite a few controversies have interested the former MVP of the 2017 and 2018 Finals at the time of the Golden State era: such Kevin Durant from Washington. The number 35, caged by the Wolves defense, did not have the impact as expected from a champion of his caliber. Speaking of defense, here comes the possible solution to the problems of the Suns, one of the franchises still without a ring in their history.

Coach Bud, the prophet’s mission to his homeland

Already head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks for 5 years, with the title achieved in 2021 – Coach Bud – nickname given to him in the NBA environment, he is 54 years old and originally from Holbrook, Arizona. As head coach, before the Bucks, he led the Atlanta Hawks, always standing out for his excellent defensive organization and appreciable team management. Mike Budenholzer returns home: he will coach the Suns (LaPresse) –

Following up on the rumors already launched online a few days ago by ‘The Athletic’, Mike Budenholzer he will sign a five-year contract worth over 50 million dollars in total with the Suns, the franchise from his home state.

Budenholzer sostituisce Frank Vogel, sacked by the Phoenix management after the aforementioned elimination in the first round of the Playoff suffered at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Vogel had another four years guaranteed, left over from the five-year, $31 million contract he signed just 12 months ago, but the Suns opted to release him, effectively blaming the former Pacers and Lakers coach for the current season’s disaster.

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