Nintendo Celebrates 35 Years of Game Boy with Free Games for Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Il Game Boyreleased in Japan on April 21, 1989, has recently completed 35 years. Nintendo, with all the historical brands it owns, is used to playing with nostalgia, as recently demonstrated once again by the recent announcement of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition for Switch. And so he decided to celebrate the occasion with a gift for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. In fact, the Game Boy catalog is being expanded for free starting today, Wednesday 15 May, with three titles.

The one that makes the most noise is definitely Super Mario Land, a timeless classic of the platform genre that marks the mustachioed plumber’s first time ever on a handheld console. Not a random choice, given that the game was launched in Japan in 1989 just like the Game Boy, while it arrived in Europe and the USA a little later, in 1990.

The other two games, both developed by Nintendo, are Baseball e Alleyway. The first doesn’t need too many introductions, since the title says it all or almost: it is in fact a title dedicated to baseball based on the NES version of the same name.

Alleyway, on the other hand, is a more particular and less well-known product, with which NintendO provided its own interpretation of gameplay that was very popular at the time, such as those offered by Arkanoid and Breakout. And so there is a cursor to move, a ball to intercept, and a wall of bricks to dismantle.

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