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The outcome is completely positive and the sixth edition of the duallika, the sporting event with the duathlon signed by the Nevegallika association, goes into the archives with a thumbs up.

Those cycling on the asphalt where Contador won the sixteenth stage of the 94th Giro d’Italia. Those running along the paths that usually tell the sporting exploits of the now consolidated Trail del Nevegal. But all with one goal: to give it all while sharing a healthy passion!

«We are happy that this year too our cycling and runner friends responded positively to the call of the duathlon, because if we put so much heart into organizing it, it is precisely thanks to all of them who, with their participation, make us strong and proud of what we all together we can do it” comments Gianpaolo Garaboni of the Nevegallika association. «And Sunday’s Duallika is proof that Nevegal always knows how to offer lots of sporting emotions to everyone!».

And sport is precisely the constant that welcomed amateurs and enthusiasts of muscular two-wheels and mountain running on Sunday.

The departure took place at 10 am sharp in Castion, in front of the Amici da Rudy bar, where the first fractionists began to battle it out on pedals along the first kilometers of the asphalt climb that goes up to Nevegal. A human river that rose along 7.3 kilometers with 590 meters of positive difference in altitude and slopes that sometimes well exceed ten percent. Just enough time to reach the Nevegal square, enter the transition area and hurry up along the first stretch of the Vallavia path, then descend along the technical “troi” up to La Grava, to then cross the finish line at the base of the Coca track.

In the men’s “individual” category the fastest was Alessandro Sogne of Team Fontanari who covered both stages with a total time of 51 minutes and 44 seconds. Followed by Matteo Agostini of Team Peruffo and Gabriele Cossettini. For the women’s “individual” category, the top step of the podium was earned by Martina De Silvestro of Team Scarpa with a time of 1 hour 4 minutes 46 seconds. She is just behind Ornella Bona and Francesca Lavezzari from Belluno.

In the pairs categories, the men’s ranking was won by Federico Dal Pont and Daniele Meneghel. Completing the podium were Davide Nardei – Giovanni De Bon and Manuel Da Col – Gabriele Del Longo. As far as the women’s ranking is concerned, Sara Campigotto – Carlotta Da Rold, Elena Funes – Elena Poncato and Veronica Bandiera – Gloria Fusina. Finally, in the mixed category, the top step of the podium was won by the couple Christian De Riz – Giulia Pol followed by Valentino Vanzin – Silvia Sangalli and Mauro Frescura – Giada Monegato.

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