The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: The gas effect

The end of the year is approaching and the physical, mental and astral reviews of what these twelve months have given in the “furgolistic” madness on and off the field begin. Thus, as soon as possible, the calendar year has left us with four coaches, two on each side of the Potomac. In the blue house, Admiral Cervera went from being the perfect brother-in-law, everyone’s candidate – remember, friends, how his renewal was announced – to the person responsible for all the evils of the Carbayones. The Admiral left to make way for Carrión, and now “Mr. Smile” has them all in love.

And what can we say about Gijón, where Abelardo started another project and ended up beating the property. MAR landed, saved the season that way, and now a procession is being prepared for Orlegi to renew it forever and ever, amen. Regarding the issue of players entering and leaving, it is better to leave it for another day, because in this modern “vangel” in which the market dictates its rules there is almost no time to memorize so many names of prodigal sons who were going to break it upon their return. and World Cup players called to mark an era. In the end, and since there is no time to even think, the effect of both remained in the backfire of a bottle of private label soda.

For the rest, we are already with another day on the hump, the last of 2023. Eibar for Sporting and Villarreal’s subsidiary for Oviedo. Everyone wants the three points to go on a high vacation. And then start again and again. Soda goes and soda comes, oyisti, guy?

2023-12-18 20:49:05
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