The purchase of Sporting will close at 43 million euros

Orlegi already works in Gijón. Alejandro Irarragorri, president of the board of directors, and Alfonso Villalva, executive director, held a meeting yesterday morning with the mayor of Gijón as part of the imminent purchase of Sporting, which already has the authorization of the Higher Sports Council and is will sign next week, as reported by […]

Jony and Róber Ibáñez, Sporting’s priorities to reinforce the extremes

It is not being an easy summer for Sporting when it comes to specifying their first options to reinforce the squad. At least, it hasn’t been so far. With some of them frustrated for the defense, as have been the cases of Oier and Ríos Reina, the rojiblanco team keeps its priority open for Róber […]

Orlegi plans to take the reins of Sporting from June 26

A key week is coming up for what could be a historic replacement at Sporting. The Orlegi Group has proposed taking the reins of the club from June 26, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA has learned from sources close to the negotiation, announcing the sale agreement around this date. The negotiation has reached the point where […]

“Sporting could use the Orlegi Group well”

He has not returned to Gijón since the end of his time as a rojiblanco. Lucho Flores (Mexico City, 7-18-1961) was a Sporting footballer in the 1986-87 season, after claiming the best ranking of his team in a World Cup -they were fifth-. Former player of Atlas, the club that has just made the Grupo […]

The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: The culé Pelayo and JF’s mobile

Look where it is going to turn out that the reconquest of the world throne that Barça has lost because of its bad head when it comes to investing its savings is going to start in Asturias, between Mieres and Peón. This is what Joan Laporta promises, the mediatic culé president, who appeared at the […]

The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: The long hangover and Aztec gold

The hangover at the end of the season, and the connection with the next one in the Asturian “fúrgol”, is being long and one of the busiest that is remembered in a long time. In the blue house they lose and buy pieces at all hours. Once the casting has been closed to cover the […]

Opinion on Sporting: Rico defends Rico

I apologize, but I did nothing wrong. Broadly speaking, this may be the summary of the analysis carried out by Javi Rico on the season in which Sporting was saved by the hair of a shrimp from falling into the well of oblivion of the Spanish “fúrgol”. The appearance at the end of the course […]