Lucas, a Monelos window and a plate of meatballs with potatoes

Lucas Pérez is above all a genuine guy. She might as well give up a million in the First Division to return to her hometown team, which accepts an invitation to talk about her childhood with her grandparents. His personal and family history is well known.. His life in the Monelos neighborhood, his effort to become a professional soccer player…, but it had rarely been heard from his mouth and in such an emotional way as in a meeting organized by the provincial delegation of the Red Cross.

Before an audience full of teenagers, the Deportivo striker had to speak from his experience as someone raised by his grandparents. Although he may have expressed it before in a more private way, Lucas acknowledged that he had never done so before in such a context. “Talking about my grandparents is difficult for me. “I miss them and it is very difficult”he warned before becoming emotional for the first time in a talk in which he exhibited his natural self-confidence, also when it was his turn to answer questions from an eminently youthful audience.

Lucas’ childhood is that of a child raised by his grandparents, Manuel and Manuela, who literally gave him a second chance. “I was going to go to the nursery [el hogar infantil Emilio Romay]”, but my grandmother avoided it,” Lucas revealed.. From there, a story began that was closely linked to the Monelos neighborhood, where he grew up in one of the homes known as the “sailors’ towers.”

Lucas Pérez, yesterday during the talk at the Paideia Foundation. Victor Echave

If there is an image from that time that is etched in your memory, it is that of your grandmother from the window waiting for you to come home., as he confessed to journalist Isabel Bravo, presenter of a talk in which the sports president, Álvaro García Diéguez, also participated; the mayor, Inés Rey; and the provincial president of the Red Cross, Manuel Viqueira. “The one I stay with the most is my grandmother waiting at the window,” the striker responded about his clearest image from those years. “I try to go through Monelos and see that window. I have been very happy, my memories of Monelos are precious,” she said.

Lucas Pérez: “Nothing else crosses my mind other than promotion”

The best days were the ones when he found that dish of “meatballs with fries” on the table that he liked so much when he was a child. Anything less cooked, which in the end he always managed to avoid because deep down he was “spoiled.” “I was a very bad eater, but very spoiled by my grandmother,” he confessed. “When I had cooked, since I didn’t like it that much, the special dish for me was fried eggs with sausages,” she recalled in a talk on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons.

There were confessions from the forward, but also advice, because Lucas could not enjoy everything he would have liked from his grandparents.. Manuel died of cancer when he was 14 years old and Manuela died when the forward had turned 19 and had already left A Coruña in search of his dream of becoming a professional footballer. “In my humble opinion you have to enjoy people. I was at an age where I couldn’t show my grandparents how much I loved them. “I have not been able to enjoy my grandparents when you value them,” he reflected. “I was a piece of junk, let’s be honest. They didn’t have to fight for a child and they did. And that love is unique. The only thing my grandmother wanted was for me to be good, to work and to build a good future for myself. I hope she was proud. “I enjoy it, but it’s for them.”, added Lucas Pérez, who became excited again. “The only one crying here is me and I thought we were all going to cry,” he joked.

In Monelos, the forward’s way of understanding sportsmanship was also forged, a feeling inseparable from the city. “It’s how I understand Coruña, with Deportivo and as a city. That is why people have transmitted it this way and it has passed from generation to generation. That’s the nice thing, being able to go to Riazor on Sunday to beat Celta,” he stressed. Because the main thing now is to believe, no matter how bad it looks: “What do we do? Well, trust. Have to fight. It’s not easy, I know. Nor could it be understood that we were champions, because now it’s time for this.”

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