The Legendary Party Nights of Marcelo Ríos: A Tennis Tale

The legend of Marcelo Ríos continues to make people talk in the world of tennis. The achievements and personality of the Chilean transformed him into a key character on the circuit in the 90’s, causing the left-hander’s surname to be known throughout the world. That is also why his colleagues and friends continue to be asked about the native of Vitacura.

And among all those statements and memories, Gastón Gaudio talking about what it was like to party with Ríos was one that captured the attention of national fans. Today, this reflection could be defined as cult among followers of white sport.

The story occurred a few years ago on the Radio Metro program “Perros de la Calle”. There, the former Roland Garros champion confessed and detailed one of his many outings with the national star. “The nights with Chino Ríos are very good ten years later, when you count them, but you spend it like a roller coaster: when you arrive, you say: ‘why the hell am I here, but you like it a little,’ he previously said. to recount the dancing outing they had in Switzerland.

“We had lost, it was almost the last tournaments of the year, in Basel, when you are already fried in the head, you can’t take it anymore. I played type 7 in the afternoon, I lost approximately in eight minutes, 6-1 and 6-2. I return to the hotel, enter the lobby and see Chino at the bar tables – it was already around 10 at night – dressed in tennis, as he had finished at 3 in the afternoon, which he had also lost. I see him wearing shorts, with his racket bag, and there were 17 beers on the table,” he added amidst the disbelief of the panel.

Laughing, Gaudio continues the story. “I arrive and see Chino. And I say: ‘But are you fucking with me? You didn’t even go up to change.’ And he tells me: ‘He’s leaving today, Gato.’ He could no longer stand. “I already saw it coming,” confessed the Argentine, who despite accepting the decision admitted to feeling a lot of doubt, because according to him there was no way for the situation to end well.

“We are going to a place, which was the only thing there was. A very bar place, but very fine. All glass, security, all immaculate. Three in the morning, I couldn’t take it anymore. Chino had already made all the scandals you can make in a place, but it was never enough,” said Gaudio, who ended up accepting that at one point he said enough was enough.

“At the last minute, I tell him: ‘Chino, I can’t take it anymore, I’m leaving.’ And he tells me: ‘No, no, no, wait a little, come with me.’ I follow him and he goes into the women’s bathroom, straight. I don’t know if he got confused, I think he knew exactly where he was going (…) I see him and I say to him: ‘What are you doing, are you crazy?’ He tells me: ‘No, no, no, a friend of hers came in here, I want to see her.’”

After a while waiting for the Indian Wells champion to come out of the bathroom, a third protagonist in the story appeared. “Seven minutes later I see it: a giant grabbing Chino Ríos by the tail, and pushing him with his little legs into the street, but throwing him away like garbage, like in the movies,” said the former Argentine athlete.

“He falls and stares in front of the bowling alley. Me inside and him outside. I’m walking, I go out, I cross the street and Chino was lying there. I tell him: ‘But are you sick in the head? How do you do that? It’s obvious that they were going to kick you out and he tells me: ‘These guys don’t understand anything (…) Wait for me here.’ He takes off, runs, kicks her and the glass of the place explodes. He runs back and says: ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,’ “said Gaudio, who added one more point: “Every time he went out, it was that.”

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