Viterbo Construction Site: A Mountain of Investments Creating the New City of the Popes

The Viterbo construction site is open. A mountain of investments that surpasses the 100 million euros – almost all of which have already been contracted or are underway – which will design the outlines of the new city of the Popes. Squares, sports facilities, schools, civic walls, greenery, historic buildings, car parks: between Pnrr, which alone is worth 80 million, Vetus Urbs, asphalting and FESR it can easily reach triple figures. «And then there would also be the Jubilee, but that’s another story», immediately clarifies Emanuele Aronne, councilor for urban planning.

The chore list is longer than the shopping list. Aronne lines up interventions, times and figures starting from Bagnaia. “Next week – he says – we will deliver the construction site for the redevelopment of Piazza XX Settembre, for 334 thousand euros.” The news that the neighborhood has been waiting for for ten years immediately arrives in the capital. «The works on the Boat, the school in Santa Barbara, have been awarded: we start again in these days». A structure with a very troubled history: started, blocked, disputes, stop. Another story via Matteotti, where the total financing is 850 thousand euros. «The part of via San Bonaventura, which served as an escape route for Santa Rosa, has been completed. Now we are moving towards the door, with the redevelopment of Piazza della Rocca.” Which is of great interest to street vendors, because it is linked to the return of the Saturday market to the centre.

Four jumps on sport, starting from the Rocchi stadium which has just been taken over by Viterbese. «The executive project has been presented – explains Aronne – and must be tendered by December. But we can play: the work is on the stands, we will do them one at a time without jeopardizing the championship.” Returning to the Santa Barbara area it’s time for the other facilities: school field, baseball, rugby, bowls. «We had a meeting with the company, the construction site will be delivered next week. There is a loan of 2 million from 2018, we awarded it in one year.” Redevelopment of changing rooms, energy efficiency, there’s a bit of everything. “It will take about a year: the different disciplines will lend each other their respective changing rooms as the work progresses, to reduce inconvenience.” Again: swimming pool and sports hall, respectively 1.5 and 1 million: contracts in progress for energy requalification.

Meanwhile we continue with the walk around the walls. The stretch before Porta Romana is almost finished. «Then, instead of going towards the Fortresses, since there is a car park and Christmas is approaching, we set off from Porta Fiorentina towards the level crossing. There are 3.1 million of them, it will take a year to go around the walls: in the end it will be a route for running, cycling, we will have artistic lighting of the walls and each tower will have its name. It’s a nice project.” Also in the central area: once the work on the Bacarozza tower between Valle Faul and Carmine has been awarded, an open-air theater will be created at the Fortezze. Piazza Crispi will be redone: «There will be stone together with trees, it will become a crossroads. The intervention is worth 3.1 million.” Finally, the 700 thousand for the Palazzo dei Podestà, which overlooks Piazza del Plebiscito. «The scaffolding is being erected: with 700 thousand euros we will redo the facades, fixtures and interiors for the energy part. In the square – continues the councilor – after the first intervention with cobblestones the second will be paved”.

There are still plenty of irons in the fire. Any examples? The cycle paths (1.3 million, one completed, a second is underway from the spa to Valle Faul), bike sharing (286 thousand euros, garages in Valle Faul, Porta Fiorentina, Carmine, Porta Romana), civic museum and arcades ( the Superintendence is expected on the first, the second contract is expected shortly), urban parks (in Santa Lucia and Salamaro), car parks (court, viale Trento, Santa Barbara in front of the sports fields, Carmine and Pilastro) and schools.

Here comes the gem. «On De Amicis the first lot has been completed, on Tecchi the works worth 1.5 million have been awarded. But the students, transferred in front of De Amicis, will not return here. Councilor Antoniozzi’s idea, which I fully embrace, is to make us the house of music where associations and schools will find space. It will be a real palace of music.” Finally, the very substantial intervention on the former court in Piazza Fontana Grande. «Work already contracted for 4.1 million. We will bring the technical offices: environment, urban planning and public works. «We have contracted out almost everything. The offices were very good – concludes Aronne – we carried out a miraculous operation”.


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