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Jack Grealish is going through one of the best moments of his sporting career. The English international managed to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and the long-awaited Champions League this season; titles that he celebrated in a big way.

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The England national team player went viral a few months ago for his extroverted celebrations after winning the European triple crown. Grealish partied for at least three days in a row and didn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with his friends, teammates and lots of alcohol.

Grealish spares no expense: luxurious birthday party

Last Sunday, September 10, Jack Grealish once again had reasons to celebrate. This time, he celebrated his 28th birthday in style, where he did not spare any expense for his family and friends.

According to the information provided by The Sun newspaper in England, the British player celebrated a new return to the sun in style and spent more than 23,000 euros (more than 98 million Colombian pesos) on accommodation, food and alcohol.

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The birthday party was held at the luxurious Lakes By Yoo hotel, in the Cotswolds of the United Kingdom, where the player paid almost 5,000 euros for each cabin for his guests.

He likes it more than spending his hard-earned money on them and sharing the love.

In addition to accommodation, Grealish decided to ‘go all out’ and hired live music to complete an evening full of food and alcohol with his friends and his girlfriend Ssha Atwood.

As revealed by the aforementioned newspaper, the luxurious hotel where the Manchester City winger hosted his guests is an exclusive place for few people and has access to a private lake, bonfire, kayaks and swimming pool.

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In addition, a person close to the footballer revealed that Grealish and his family do not spare money when celebrating together. “Jack comes from a great family and loves nothing more than spending his hard-earned money on them and sharing the love.”


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