Breathtaking jumps. The daredevils were again plunging from the Old Bridge

Watch footage from the famous Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, where divers plunge into the water from the Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Závod Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series v Mostaru | Video: Asociated Press

The jumps from the Old Bridge, which spans 29 meters above the level of the Neretva River and is among the monuments registered in the UNESCO cultural heritage list, have a tradition of almost half a millennium.

Since 2015, the race has been part of the extreme diving series.

This year’s race was won in the women’s category by Molly Carlson from Canada (her jump is in the video at 00:26).

She thus ended the winning streak of Australian Rhiannon Iffland (00:03), who had won seven previous races in a row. American Eleanor Smart finished third.

Among the men, Spain’s Carlos Gimeno won the first time (01:23), Romanian Catalin Preda (00:57) took second place, and Aidan Heslop from Great Britain took bronze.

Constantin Popovici from Romania and Ifflandova among women lead the overall ranking among men.

The series culminates with the final race on November 19 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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