The Burkinabè Badminton Federation Concludes the Season with National Championship Winners


End of season at the Burkinabè Badminton Federation. The national championship designated its winners on Sunday July 9, 2023 at the martial arts hall. Ousmane Ouédraogo and Rachidatou Bilgo won the titles in their category.

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Ousmane Ouédraogo (back) won the league title this season.

Ousmane Ouédraogo, of the Youth team succeeds himself. National champion in 2022, he retains his title in badminton by beating Mahamadi Ouédraogo of Nash club. In two sets, he won without shaking by 2 sets to 0 (21-14 and 21-11). On the other hand, the surprise came from the ladies.

Kadidiatou Diallo, of Degamson champion for six seasons lost in the final against Rachidatou Bilgo of the Bien-être Ouaga team. “The secret is training. You have to be regular in training. My opponent is training well. This means that if in the next few years I risk myself in training, he could catch up with me.admits Ousmane Ouédraogo.

The small categories represented

In senior men’s doubles U19, the title goes to Mahamady Ouédraogo and Fatao Tapsoba of Nash club who win ahead of the duo Ousmane Ouédraogo and Fayçal Kafando. In this same category for women, the duo Carine Ouédraogo and Kadidiatou Diallo from Degamson won the title ahead of the duo Carole Soudré and Rachidatou Bilgo from Bien-être.

Fadilatou Bilgo is now the queen of badminton among the ladies.

In the under-17 category, for girls, Fadila Zongo and Chérifatou Tapsoba of Jeunesse Club Ouaga won the title by defeating Rachidatou Kéré and Samiratou Maiga. In double boy U17, it is the team of Nash Club club composed of Mashoud Ouédraogo and Alain Sawadogo who leaves with the trophy in front of the team of Sagesse (Josias Sanogo and Salif Yerbanga).

Satisfactory balance sheet

In minimal, among boys, Gildas Lompo and Pascal Ouédraogo of Yagma are national champions ahead of Kalex Kaboré and Ulrich Balima (Ziniaré). At this level, there were no competitors among the girls.

In simple cadet, Alain Sawadogo is national champion in front of his teammate Mashoud Ouédraogo. As a youngest single girl, Kadidiatou Kéré (NASH) leaves with the title of champion ahead of Fadilatou Zongo. Finally, Gildas Lompo (Sahel) won the championship ahead of Mahamadi Ouédraogo from Dédougou.

According to the president of the federation Boukaré Ouédraogo, badminton is increasingly known in Burkina Faso.

125 badminton players from eight regions took part in the national badminton championship. The president of the Burkinabè Badminton Federation Boukaré Ouédraogo judged the level of the competition high. ” It’s satisfying because we will be able to go out internationally and win medals as we did in previous years. hopes Boukaré Ouédraogo.

After seven years of championships, he believes that badminton is developing and popularizing in Burkina Faso. In this sense, several competitions are planned. The 2023 edition of the national championship was sponsored by Artex Industrie.



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