DOSB wants to bring Olympia to Germany: campaign starts

Olympic rings at the main entrance of the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Image: picture alliance / Daniel Kalker

The DOSB wants to bring the Olympic Games to Germany. His campaign begins this weekend. She comes up with nothing that could fascinate.

What fascinates us about sport? The self-confidence of the winners, the cleverness of the tacticians, the cheekiness of the underdogs. Beauty of movement, tirelessness, strength, light-footedness. The champion’s brainwave, the surprising feint, the improbable coming true.

Now having to come to German sport is bitter. Because he, represented by the German Olympic Sports Confederation, wants to bring the Olympic Games to Germany very sensibly, very sparingly. His campaign begins this weekend. what to say The challenger from Germany does not come up with anything that could fascinate in this competition. There is no esprit, no face, no idea. On the contrary. If it were a joke, it would be a good one: the so-called dialogue initiative entitled “Your ideas. Your games” has three speech bubbles in the logo. They are black, red and gold. And they are empty.


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