Mayoral Candidate Cruz Pérez Cuéllar Recognizes Ciudad Juárez Athletes

Mayoral Candidate Cruz Pérez Cuéllar Recognizes Ciudad Juárez Athletes

Ciudad Juárez.- In his last campaign activity this Friday, the mayoral candidate for the Let’s Keep Making History coalition, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, participated in an event to recognize the athletes of Ciudad Juárez.

Rubén Alberto Villanueva, president of the Fisiconstructivism and Fitness association, thanked the candidate for his participation in the “Athletes for Juárez”, where two thousand athletes from various disciplines and categories gathered.

“I come to ratify my commitment to sports in Ciudad Juárez, we have invested like never before in sports. In 2021 we built eight fully equipped fast soccer fields, we rehabilitated baseball fields, we remodeled the Bertha Chiu gym,” he mentioned.

During his speech, he outlined more than a dozen actions to improve the various facilities to promote the development of multiple disciplines that motivate the border community to lead a healthy and active life.

Among the attendees were men’s and women’s teams, as well as athletes who compete individually in sports such as fencing, basketball, soccer, baseball, rodeo, chess, swimming, badminton, gymnastics, bodybuilding, handball, among others.

From the facilities of the 20 de Noviembre stadium where the awards ceremony was held, Pérez Cuéllar informed the people of Juárez that since 1977 a new stadium had not been built in Juárez.

“Today we are building, imagine this same stadium but newer in the south east of the city, at the intersection of Monte Blanco and Soneto streets,” said the candidate regarding one of the works that he promoted during the municipal administration to the one seeking re-election.

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