Sporting will have a meeting with the CTA again after the latest arbitration controversies

Sporting de Gijón has requested a new meeting from the Technical Committee of Referees after the latest performances it has suffered. The summit takes place after several weeks where the rojiblanco club has been affected by some decisions, such as on the last day, in Cartagena, with the expulsion of Varane for a double yellow card, and in the absence of clear criteria regarding the use of the VAR. In any case, relations are cordial and there is frequent and close communication between the parties. The meeting is not yet dated. It will depend on the agency’s agenda. Although the idea is that it can be held this or next week. On this occasion it is feasible that the rojiblanco club will meet directly with Luis Medina Cantalejo, president of the CTA. In the last hours there have been contacts between Mareo and the Spanish Federation to set up this visit.

A few weeks ago, after the meeting in Las Palmas, Sporting already had a meeting with the CTA with the presence of David Guerra in Madrid, as reported by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. Now, after the last arbitration proceedings, the rojiblanco club

2023-04-24 11:09:00
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