Inditex signs the group’s first Equality Plan |

Inditex has signed with the CC.OO. and UGT the group’s first Equality Plan. Sources close to the agreement have indicated that said plan unifies the already existing equality plans in the different chains and companies of the group.

“After signing the last agreement on wages and social benefits in February, today we signed a historic agreement on equality with the first Equality Plan for all workers of the Inditex Group in central services and stores”, has highlighted in a statement CC.OO.

In his opinion, it is an Equality Plan that is part of the fundamental advances in the working conditions of a business group and a sector with a high rate of female workers on the payroll (81%).

This plan has more than one hundred measures and is valid for four years.

Among the agreed improvements, those related to the work calendar stand out, which will be set at least two months in advance and fifteen days notice for justified changes. Likewise, the continuous working day will be set as a priority, with general suppression of split shifts and guaranteed minimum weekly and weekend breaks will be addressed during this year.

In addition, in stores that close at 10:00 p.m., the times to reorganize collection functions will be eliminated, while the reduction in working hours will be extended beyond the age of twelve if the minor has a birthday in the first semester, among other measures.

“Collective bargaining and the implementation of Equality Plans are key to reducing the gender gap, as well as partiality and job insecurity. This path towards the standardization of working conditions for the workforce represents a new paradigm promoted by CC.OO. to blur territorial or brand differences of a large business group”, the union pointed out, stressing that “the successes and achievements at Inditex are the result of the collective effort of the entire workforce”.

“Thanks to the union majority and the support of people affiliated with CC.OO. At Inditex we can continue advancing towards greater real and effective equality in a sector that employs thousands of women, and that suffers from greater partiality, worse salary conditions and difficulties in reconciling work and family life”, the union stressed.


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