Want to win League 1, PSM Makassar coach is even annoyed: this is the Java League?

Want to win League 1, PSM Makassar coach is even annoyed: this is the Java League?

PSM is headed for the 2022/23 League 1 championship, but something is bothering Bernardo Tavares.

PSM Makassar only needs one win to win the 2022/23 League 1. They will have a match against Madura United, Friday (31/3) evening WIB.

If you win that match, PSM will automatically become the new champion of Liga 1. This is the long wait for PSM fans, who have been fasting for 23 years.

Juku Eja played an away match at the Gelora Madura Ratu Pamelingan Stadium, against Madura United. However, Bernardo Tavares felt a little annoyed with the current situation.

He alluded to why the match between Madura United and PSM was not broadcast live on national television. In fact, this match could be a trophy-lifting moment for PSM.

For information, the Persija Jakarta vs Persib Bandung match was also held at the same time, and the classic match was broadcast live on national television.

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“I was disturbed when I found out that our match was not broadcast, only live streaming. Is this the Java League or the Indonesian League? Because PSM is outside Java, in terms of PSM has a chance to lock in the title,” complained Tavares at a press conference.

In my opinion, when there is a team that will lock the title, why not include this match worthy of being broadcast live and will be watched by many people,” he continued.

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PSM broke many people’s predictions about their performance this season. They seem to be a really consistent and decent team, with players who incidentally don’t have many big names.

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The rest, Tavares emphasized that Madura United was a good team, and reminded his troops to play optimally to ensure the title on Salt Island.


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