Looking at it from above is quite a routine for Uni

Action from the match at Palau between Spar Girona and Bembibre

It has been matched, and in what way, the Women’s League of basketball A competition that got used to the usual binomial for a few years, but has now multiplied its alternatives, with the usual favorites, but a good bunch of actors who are no longer too eager to be considered only as secondary. Between the first and the seventh ranked there is only four wins of difference, a situation unheard of in many seasons when the holidays of Nadal. What does not change, however, is the routine of seeing embedded at the top of the classification a Spar Girona that is no longer consolidated in the category, but is one of the regulars to fight for the title. Uni captured the top division in 2009 and since then, throughout these 14 consecutive seasons, it has closed the fourteenth day of the championship occupying first or second place on 8 occasions. More than half

This 2022 is no exception. He swept the Bebibre a Palau and will close the calendar year on Friday at the track of the Tenerife, the leather Bernat Canut’s team is second, but shares the lead with him Valencia Basket, whom he defeated on the first day and with whom he shares a record: 11 wins and 3 losses. Second to these film heights it has also been in the 2020/21 season (13 wins and 1 loss), 2017/18 (12-2), 2016/17 (12-2) and 2015/16 (10 -4). Likewise, he knows what it is to live for these dates at the top of the table, because he has been the leader after 14 games in the 2019/20 (13-1), 2018/19 (13-1) and 2014/15 (13-1 ). A little further down, third place, he has occupied twice: a year ago (11-3) and also between 2012 and 2013 (8-4). Even if it seems a lie, if you pay attention only to the present, there was also a time when the Uni had to live in another reality. For example, after the first 14 days of the first two years in the elite, the team was tenth, with more stumbles (9) than joys (5). Those were other times.



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