You could have read in HPi… A promising comeback for the Judo club of Sisteron

You could have read this article in the edition of Haute-Provence Info dated November 11 to 17, 2022:

The sisteron judo club is in great shape! The two covid years seem to be a long way behind. “They have been very tough on sports clubs, especially contact sports “, evoked the secretary of the club Christelle. With a hundred members at the start of the year, the club has seen an increase of about fifteen people compared to last year at the same time. Taiso, which means preparation of the body in Japanese, is a warm-up originally practiced by athletes. It is practiced by everyone today in muscle building.

It had been interrupted for two years for the same reasons. It is coming back strong with good attendance. Judo is taught at the Daniel Maffren complex dojo by Adrien Gadon for older children. He also performs taiso. For the little ones, it’s Louis Grases who sticks to it.

The start of the school year went rather well with mass training. This means that it was open to other clubs in the department. Representatives of different clubs were there, from Volonne, Digne or Pierrevert to name a few.

The president of Committee 04 of judo Pierre Blanchard was also present. Training was led that day by Max Gadon, father of current teacher Alain Gadon and former member of the French Judo team. It was a happy moment for everyone! Work is underway at the Daniel Maffren complex, training will continue from January to March at Chantereine where the tatamis will be installed.

The club was confronted with regional fighters, including students in judo study sport in competition circuit cadets and minimal in Gap, that is to say the whole region. If there was no podium, the club is delighted that the fights were promising. So this is just the start!

Francoise LATOUR



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