After 17 years, Pardubice has another star team. Zohorna surprised, Radil can play the season of his life, according to the expert

“I saw about three matches of Pardubice, it settled very quickly. Of course, it will still take a while, but this year I think that the team is built to at least play in the finals,” praises the man, who even played five games in the NHL for Philadelphia.

“For me, it is a very pleasant surprise how Tomáš Zohorna performed his role and how Lukáš Radil performed his role, they are actually two players who can do a different job, each a little differently,” highlights Martin Kézr, the second guest of the show.

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“Tomáš Zohorna was often mistaken for a hard worker here, but he shows that he can be the difference player. I think that Lukáš Radil may have the season of his life ahead of him,” predicts the editor-in-chief of the sports section of Práva and

However, isn’t there a danger that too much competition in the squad will harm the team? “They already knew it when they signed. Ceresňák already knew that he would not play all power plays, even if he is a top back in our country. The guys who came from the KHL knew they wouldn’t have 30 minutes of ice time,” explains Divíšek.

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In the end, according to him, even in 2005 too much competition in the team did not hurt. “The character of that team was so good, the group was so excellent that we, on the contrary, challenged each other in training,” Divíšek recalls, explaining that earlier hockey teams functioned differently than today. “There were team dinners, the team spent more time together even off the ice, than is usual now,” he points out.

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