Ronald’s trouble on vacation: A 50-million-dollar truck had to be towed away

One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s employees is in big trouble. He caused a car accident, during which a luxury car worth almost 50 million crowns, which belongs to the famous Portuguese, was damaged. The accident took place on the island of Mallorca, where Ronaldo is taking a break after a busy season. According to The Sun, […]

Hadamczik is the new head of Czech hockey. He won in the first round

Alois Hadamczik was elected the new president of the Czech Ice Hockey Association. The former national team coach succeeded in the first round of today’s election, in which he won 31 votes. The second Jiří Šlégr received 16 votes from the delegates, the third finished with five votes Dominik Hašek. The 69-year-old Hadamczik will replace […]