Singer Crystal accuses Mexican Paralympic athlete of pretending to be visually impaired to receive support | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY-. Edward Avilaa successful Mexican Paralympic athlete who throughout his career has won various medals in Paralympic Gameswas accused of Crystal of pretend to be visually impaired in order to get support.

Crystala former Paralympic athlete and now a singer, revealed that Edward Avilawhich competes in adapted judo as visually impaireddoes not really belong to paralympismobecause it exceeds the allowed vision to be able to compete.

“He’s a good boy, a good athlete, I like him, but Eduardo does not really belong to paralympics. He doesn’t cover perspective. Lalo overcomes that vision and I sign it for you,” Crystal assured for TV Notas.

Eduardo Ávila, Mexican Paralympic athlete.

Also, Crystal pointed out: “I consider that Lalo earn well on the sport. When you win a medal, you have a separate life scholarship, which is not that big, but while you are active in sports, you win a scholarship like 50 thousand pesos. He has that ticket and as long as he wins medals, you win that scholarship, plus the lifetime one; he earns more than sixty thousand pesos a month“.

Crystal’s husband was president of the Sports Federation for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Thanks to the husband of Crystal it was president of the Sports Federation for the Blind and Visually Impaired for almost 20 years, the former athlete and singer said she knows well Edward Avila and the tricks he employs to be considerate”visually impaired“.

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Eduardo Ávila’s medals at the Paralympic Games

As a representative of Mexico in the Paralympic Games held every four years, the one born in Mexico City boasts four medals: gold, in Beijing 2008; bronze, in London 2012; gold, in Rio 2016; and bronze, in Tokyo 2020.

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