Viola Basketball, the presentation of the team: smiles and enthusiasm at Palazzo San Giorgio | INTERVIEWS

The Chandeliers Hall of Palazzo San Giorgio hosted the presentation of the Purple Basketball roster for the 2022-2023 season

September is drawing to a close and next weekend will not be a weekend like many for basketball fans Reggio Calabria. On Sunday 2 October, in fact, the Purple Basketball finally returns to the field after the summer break. Season debut within the friendly walls of PalaCalafiore for the neroarancio who will face Gemini Mestre. As has been known for some time now, the people of Reggio have been included in the Lombardy-Veneto groupa geographical choice that has made many turn up their noses on the shores of the Strait.

After the test matches of the last few weeks, today, at the Chandeliers Hall of Palazzo San Giorgio, the new roster of Purple Basketball was presented. Present the Acting Mayor Paolo Brunetti and the Municipal Councilor with proxy to Sport Giovanni Latella who opened today’s press conference.

Il roster is composed as follows:

  • Vincenzo Provenzani (PM)
  • Michelangelo Laquintana (PM)
  • Davide Marchini (G / PM)
  • Giambattista Davis (Ala)
  • Federico Bischetti (Ala)
  • Stefano Spizzichini (C/AG)
  • Andrea Renzi (C)
  • Simone Farina (AG)

In addition, under Reggio’s Alessandro Ziino and Fabio Freno.

The GM spoke to our microphones Joseph Barrile who presented the team made available to coach Bolignano as follows: “there is satisfaction for what we managed to do, in a difficult moment, almost all the teams were full. We have included players above the medium-high level of Serie B such as Renzi and Spizzichini, a pair of longs that many opponents envy us. Marchini is an important player, we have several young players and some surprises, maybe Giambattista Davis who also played in the NCAA and did very well in C Gold. After paying the initial prepayment delay we should be competitive for aim for the goal of being among the top 8.

Will we return to the market? We will not go to the market right to go there, but if there is a chance to make a qualitative leap. Someone could be included in the role of wing-guard, we will see who will leave the Serie A rosters among the aggregates and from the responses of the field“.

In recent weeks, a long period of silence around the team’s operations had pushed some fans towards hasty scenarios which are better not to give weight. Purple Basketball, despite all the difficulties of the case, is alive and well thanks to the work of the Trust and the president Carmelo Laganà who told our microphones: “we said that in 4-5 years we would have reached important levels to be able to compete, this year’s team has great ambitions, the current group and the reform impose the need for a competitive team. The choice of the Lombard-Veneto group, infamous, made us reflect. What prompted me to keep going? Perhaps the lucid madness of those who want to achieve their goals. There have been moments of difficulty, but they have been overcome thanks to the Trust, the citizens, the institutions, the politics that I hope will do its part.“.

Da coach Bolignano a look at the season debut: “we have to ride the excitement of last season’s finale. The boys have a lot of enthusiasm, many new faces but all eager to wear this shirt. Due to the reform it will be a very competitive championship, the top 8 will participate in the second phase in order to access the new National Serie B with a reduction in teams. Challenging group for away matches, for 12 times we will be around Friuli, Veneto and Lombardy. New and treacherous, but balanced group. We need the contribution of our audience, as fundamental as last year“.

Captain Andrea Renzi, player of great quality and experience, he took stock of the neroarancio locker room and his motivations for the upcoming season: “first of all I feel the great responsibility of replacing an important player in Reggio Calabria like Yande Fall, for my part there is the maximum motivation to do well with this historic club. We’re not here to just make an appearance.

Spizzichini and I among the best long pairs in the league? We have to prove it on the pitch, show that we want to and get good results. My teammates want to do well, we know that we start with a late start handicap, we want to reduce it. We want to work and sacrifice ourselves to get good results“.

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