Pedri and Gavi turn the sock inside out

Always on the wire. It was written. Spain did not seal its classification for the Final Four next June until the last minutes of a game as confusing as it is exciting. It was Morata who scored, the nine of the selection for the good and the bad, but much of the merit of that last classification goes to Pedri y Gavitwo kids capable of throwing the equipment on their backs and turning it around like a sock.

Rarely has the national team played in such a beautiful setting. The rock, the green of the mountain and two extremely vertical stands that give the Bracarense Coliseum a unique appearance. Spain jumped onto the pitch with seven changes in the eleven compared to the defeat against Switzerland, none as striking as the entry into the center of the defense of Hugo Guillamón, a starter for the first time in an official match. At first glance, the Valencian player could be, by far, the player who touched the ball the most in the insipid first half of Spain. All the balls began, returned and ended in him, such was the ineffectiveness of the team Luis Enrique, unable to make the game flow. They were so boring that even the Portuguese fans began to whistle at them with desire, and that the tie classified theirs. But once you’ve paid the ticket, what less than to see some football, intensity and speed. There was nothing like that in Spain again. Guillamón hardly lasted in the field that first period. He penalized the yellow card that he received for a tackle on Cristiano.

Everyone defends here, said Luis Enrique in the previous one. The most, Morata. The nine from Spain hit a colossal run in the first half to snatch the ball from Cristiano in the Unai Simón area in one of the Portugal cons. He was perhaps the highlight of the team in that first half, along with the wonderful flight of the Athletic goalkeeper to deflect a powerful shot from Diogo Jota.

This is how the duel continued until the 57th minute. Luis Enrique reacted to a bad throw-in by his team and shouted for Gavi, Pedri and Yéremy, the three players who were warming up on the wing. Three pipiolos called to rescue Spain. It was the first two that changed the game like a sock. With a hit on the table they took over the center of the field, and shortly after the first shot on goal came. It was Morata, in the 70th minute. Immediately after came the second, from the newly incorporated Nico Williams. Spain finally showed intention to take the game, showed the fang and received its award.

Spain reaches its second consecutive final of the Nations League, the first team to achieve it along with Italy. Despite all doubts, another success for Luis Enrique’s youth factory.



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