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Augsburg-Held issues a contract ultimatum

He was the match winner against FC Bayern. The man who drove the record champions’ professionals to despair. But will he also stay at FC Augsburg?

Rafal Gikiewicz (34) saved everything in FCA’s 1-0 win over Bayern, even Manuel Neuer’s header in injury time. But the FCA hero leaves his future open!

Gikiewicz is now giving Augsburg an ultimatum. The goalkeeper’s contract expires at the end of the season.

Before the season there were big question marks about Gikiewicz. Augsburg wanted to develop the Mainz goalkeeper Finn Dahmen (24), the former number 1 of the U21, in perspective. For Gikiewicz, evidence of distrust. The goalkeeper, who has shown top performances ever since and has already saved two penalties this season, is now giving FCA an ultimatum.

“Let’s see what happens until November 14th. Then they (FCA officials, ed.) can see if they get a boy, because I’m too old, I’ve shown that in the last few weeks,” Gikiewicz says ironically to BILD.

The fans last celebrated him in the stadium. The Pole: “The spectators don’t give me a new contract – unless they save a little money.” And further: “I try to enjoy every game with the boys so that I can look in the mirror after the season. Maybe that was my last home game against FC Bayern.” His ultimatum to the manager: “Let’s see what Stefan Reuter is doing, I’m just a small player…”

Reuter himself tried a lot in the goalkeeper position: with Tomas Koubek (30) came a million flop. Last season there were rumors about a return from Marwin Hitz (35), and Augsburg was also very interested in Stefan Ortega (29).

Now Gikiewicz shines again!

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“Since Rafa has been here, he has shown great performance and is a good support for the team,” explains Reuter: “What he has achieved in the last few weeks is sensational. Big compliment!”

And about Gikiewicz’s ultimatum: “His contract doesn’t expire on November 14, but in the summer. We’ve said from the start that we’re incredibly happy with his performance. The things that have been opened there are not from me, not from the club and not from the coach.

Reuter knows about Gikiewicz’s special position within the team. About his future he says: “To talk about contracts, today is not the right time.”

Will he still come? This season, after critical statements in interviews, there was already a discussion between Reuter and the always very honest Gikiewicz – but the differences were not settled.

Will both sides find each other again?



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