Werder Bremen: Documentary reveals Zoff: Niclas Füllkrug threatened Marvin Ducksch with a “cuff” | Sports

Documentary reveals cabin Zoff |

Füllkrug threatened Ducksch with a “bell”.

With 39 goals, Marvin Ducksch (28) and Niclas Füllkrug (29) made a significant contribution to Werder’s direct resurgence. But things didn’t always go smoothly between the storm duo.

The new Werder documentary on “DAZN” now reveals a cabin Zoff of the two goalscorers. On the penultimate day of play in Aue, Füllkrug burst at half-time. It was still 0:0, the striker did little on the pitch and Ducksch had thrown him a derogatory comment before going into the dressing room.

Füllkrug loudly to Ducksch: “It’s about how we talk to each other. If you open your mouth again, I swear to you, I’ll cuff you.”

Filling jug threatened Ducksch with “Bell”

Professional boss Fritz then has to hold back Füllkrug so that the situation does not escalate. After that, coach Ole Werner calms the situation down: “Everyone in their places now! Quiet!”

At the end of halftime, the duo is back next to each other, they hug each other. And after the argument, it also works on the field – Werder beats Aue 3-0. Pitcher scores a hit.

The striker in retrospect: “Duckschi and I are on good terms with each other. This scene shows that. I wouldn’t have said my opinion so clearly to someone with whom I don’t have this relationship. We said to each other from the start, if it’s something, it’s face to face.”



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