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If the badminton wants to be particularly durable, we need to properly handle the badminton. After all, if the shuttlecock is placed for a long time, the shuttlecock will become dry. At this time, the badminton is easy to become brittle, and it is easy to break when playing. Under normal circumstances, we directly put the badminton in warm water of about 70 degrees and soak it for 10 to 20 minutes, but it should be noted that after the badminton is soaked, it should be naturally air-dried.

In fact, we can also put the badminton properly in the bathroom. After all, when people take a bath, there will be a lot of water vapor in the bathroom, which will slowly soak the feathers of the badminton and prevent the badminton from becoming particularly dry.

If we are going to play badminton on the second day, put the badminton under the faucet the night before and rinse it with proper water. In this way, the badminton can be made moist, and it is particularly durable when playing.

How to play badminton

At present, badminton is a relatively common sport, which first appeared in Japan in the 14th and 15th centuries. At that time, the badminton racket was made of wood, and Qiushi was made of cherry pits and feathers.

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In order to effectively improve the use of badminton, we also need to choose the appropriate type of badminton according to our own needs, such as red-headed badminton, white-headed badminton and all-plastic badminton. Of course, the situation of various badminton is different, and the use effect will also be different.



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