Eintracht Frankfurt: Pyro and Flitzer – Frankfurt faces a heavy penalty! | Sports

It was supposed to be a football party. The 1: 6 against Bayern was a self-portrayal for the Frankfurt fans. Mostly negative…

► The whistle concert during the national anthem before kick-off: disrespectful and tactless.

► The smoke choreography that shrouded the pitch in a thick fog for minutes at the beginning: prelude to an unspeakable pyrotechnic flare-up that lasted almost the entire game. Stadium and police spokesman warned again and again not to do that. There were pyro idiots in the Bayern block too.

► The fan appearance during the break was particularly strange: first a speedster ran across the square, then around ten, and later around 30 Eintracht supporters climbed into the interior to help him against the stewards. Shortly thereafter, they retreated back into the block.

It’s clear: It will probably be the most expensive season opener for Eintracht, because in Magdeburg some misbehaved, threw firecrackers and flares.

Frankfurt had to pay 116,750 euros in DFB penalties last season. Now it’s getting expensive again.

Positive: Despite the clear bankruptcy, the fans cheered on tirelessly and celebrated the “European Cup winner SGE” until well after the final whistle.

Trainer Oliver Glasner (47) baff: “It was crazy.” Regarding the dismantling, he said: “We’ve lost our heads!”

World champion Mario Götze (30) couldn’t prevent that either.



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