Two Soria volantistas, with regional selection

Two players from the Soria-CS24 Badminton Club, Javier Barrios and Daniela Corchón, have been called up by the Castilla y León national team.

The Sports Palace Santander Over the next four days, it hosts the Spanish Championship for regional teams with the presence of the Castilla y León team in both the children’s and cadet competitions.

Precisely, in this category the nucleus of the Castilian-Leon team is made up of the Sorianos Javier Barrios and Daniela Corchon.

Los international by Spain and being located in the second and third positions of the national ranking, respectively, make it feasible to lift the Castilla y León team to the fight for the medals.

The Castilla y León team has been placed in group D together with Melilla, the locals from Cantabria and Castilla La Mancha.

The two best classified will advance to the quarterfinals. The forecasts indicate that it is possible that the selection can access the round of the best eight and therefore, the possibility of getting on the podium.



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