Tevez will be able to direct Rosario Central from the substitute bench: the position of the Association of Technicians and the “alternative solution”

Carlos Tevez during the first training session in Rosario Central

In one of the games that will capture the attention of Argentine football, Carlos Tevez will debut as technical director of Rosario Center, in the duel of the Scoundrel against Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata which will be played in Little Creek Giant. At 38, the former player of Boca, Corinthians, West Ham, Manchester City, Manchester United, Juventus and the Argentine national team will begin his career as technical director.

But in the last few hours a controversy arose regarding his academic preparation, since some versions indicated that the Apache had not completed the course that endorses him to be sitting on the substitute bench. In this sense, the newspaper La Capital reported that “it will be Miguel Tevez who will sign the form as technical director of Rosario Central for having the qualifying title to officially direct in Argentine soccer.

However, in statements made Salvador Pasini, member of the Association of Argentine Football Technicians (ATFA), to TN The former scorer has the guarantees to direct, since according to his position, “Carlos Tevez is graduated.”

The Apache is an icon of Xeneize and this aroused another controversy that surrounded his arrival at the Rosario entity, since he will be sitting on the bench of substitutes for Central after the remembered final of the Argentine Cup that Boca beat the team in the final scoundrel.

It should be remembered that Carlos “Chapa” Retegui He will not be part of the coaching staff, since it is “incompatible” with his function. ”My role (as Sports Secretary of the City Government) and working with Tevez in Rosario Central are incompatible”, declared the Plate publicly. “I haven’t slept for five or six days. I want to clarify that first I am a personal friend of Carlos (Tevez) and I love it with my heart. A week ago Rosario Central, one of the largest in the world and with a majestic fan, called us and the truth is that I will accompany him whenever the City government and the Sports Secretary allow me. But I can’t leave her overnight,” he assured in dialogue with TyC Sports.

With all the players available – including the right midfielder Walter Montoya, who left the match against Velez due to a hamstring injury- the training that will stop Tevez is an unknown, first because it debuts, and second because Central played poorly in the loss against The fortin and he could try some changes, although they wouldn’t be that many because he hasn’t asked for reinforcements yet.

The Apache does not yet have the two reinforcements that arrived at the club, the midfielder Francis Mac Allister and his Colombian pair Joseph Leudobecause the institution is still inhibited, even though it paid a debt to Olimpia of Paraguay for the back pass Jose Leguizamon.

What they said that I asked for reinforcements is a lie because when I was a player I didn’t like coaches who asked for reinforcements without first seeing what they had in the club, So now that I’m a coach, I’m not going to do what I didn’t like being done to me,” said the brand-new strategist. And he added: “Here we all start from scratch. I still don’t have the scanner of each player. Whoever wants to play in Central has to prove it to me in practice and in matches”.

One of the first orders he made Tevez to the leaders is Complete remodeling of the campus gym on the Arroyo Seco campus, where he got a series of state-of-the-art machines through a company. Another requirement was take the squad next week to do a mini pre-season at the AFA campus in Ezeiza, for which the “rogue” leaders managed to postpone next Tuesday’s game against Quilmesfor the 16th of the Argentine Cup, to be played in late July or early August. The era of Carlos Tevez began in Rosario.




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