Aged only 15, a basketball player from the Saint-Pierre club is about to join an American school

Will Elliott Mattheeuws be one of the big names in American basketball like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? In any case, next August, he will join the elite by integrating a professional sports performance center in North Carolina.

There, they considered height and age at the start. And after, he sent videos of what he could do and that was enough for them. It’s great for him.

Jean-Loup Massy, ​​president of SPM Basketball association and coach of Eliott

From the height of his 1.93 m, Elliott Mattheeuws, aged only 15, therefore seduced the recruiters of the Combine Academy in the United States.

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He will join the famous school at the start of the next school year where he will continue his education while practicing his passion: basketball. A discipline he discovered two years ago, when he joined the SPM basketball association.

I wanted to try and then I liked it. Jean-Loup said I should be good, so I started and it worked out.

Elliott Mattheeuws, future basketball champion

And it was the coach of the local club who encouraged him to apply to a university in the USA. Bet won for the young sportsman and his playmates.

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If the motivation is in order, Eliott and his parents still have a twinge in their hearts because in North Carolina, the young man will be far and alone. If the basketball player knows that over there “it will be complicated at first“, his father supports him so that his son lives his American dream.

He’s only 15 and it’s weird letting him go. His mother will tell you that it’s a bit early. Have. It’s a great opportunity, I’m glad he can at least make the first year, even if it doesn’t work out.

Cédric Mattheeuws, Eliott’s father

In any case, Eliott is very confident and he will have two years to prove himself.

His portrait is signed Claire Arrossaména and Jérôme Anger.




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