The right man (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Again and again I encourage fans and club members to volunteer. This form of commitment is of course not sufficiently appreciated. Flowery words from politicians here and there that don’t help anyone. That’s it.

Nevertheless, some fans sit on the committees of their club. For example, Kay Bernstein from Berlin. But that’s just the beginning of his story. As a passionate fan of Hertha BSC, he had announced that he would run for the presidency. The public was amazed, but not in the Berlin fan scene. Here he was also known as the owner of successful companies. Bernstein’s adversary suggested competing together, not against each other. Amber kicked out. The well-connected CDU man Frank Steffel would probably have had Bernstein’s subordination in mind – a transparent maneuver. So our Hertha fan stood firm and stood for election at the general meeting last Sunday.

It came as it had to: Bernstein got more than 50 percent of the votes and ended up having almost 400 votes more than Steffel. He congratulated with a pinched face. Big excitement afterwards. Fans and members of other clubs raved. The Berlin boulevard, however, saw looming chaos, the downfall of the footballing Occident.

Klaus Brüggemann, member of the supervisory board, who first pushed Steffel into the position of candidate, railed: only 1,600 of the 40,000 total members were at the decisive meeting. He also immediately brought a necessary amendment to the statutes into play. He himself was elected with only 1,300 votes.

I wish Kay Bernstein all the best and a happy hand. Kay, you have my support.

»Sport free!« from the fan advocate.



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