Draft Nba, Holmgren in the running for the first two choices: “Can’t wait”

The 2.13 released by Gonzaga is in the running for the first two choices: “My game is varied and I worked on some things: I can’t wait to show them to everyone”

Simple. Chet Holmgren, candidate for one of the first two absolute choices of the next Draft, via Zoom in the meeting with the media appears confident, safe and indeed simple. Just like he makes everything look on court, gigantic for the Gonzaga Bulldogs in their one season in college over the 213 centimeters that are credited to him as stature. Yet the long, threadlike white imagined by 3 by 4 and by 5 as roles, upstairs, has a unicorn game. So thin and so tall, with those skinny and very long legs. A unique game, singular for its physical characteristics, difficult to compare. Durant? Porzingis? The insiders question themselves, without finding a shared answer. He is simple to read, in the answer. He starts by reciting the politically correct script: “I’m not trying to be anyone else. Just myself.” But he soon realizes which side he is on. He ignores the comparisons with the Latvian, stocks that are too low these days, and instead glosses: “But yes, I observe it, KD …”. Simple to interpret, isn’t it?

The mysterious

He’s 20 years old. Maybe he should be allowed a little childishness. Well, when he doesn’t reveal the teams he has auditioned for so far, and we’re only 72 hours away from the draft, well, he doesn’t look great. Secret of Pulcinella. Everyone knows, however, that if the world does not collapse, he will be chosen by the Orlando Magic with the first absolute selection or by Oklahoma City with the second call. And in fact the media in connection ask him above all for the details of those two franchises. “Orlando? Yes I speak to Jalen Suggs (guard who left Gonzaga selected by the Magic with the fifth choice of the 2021 Draft ed), he gave me a lot of advice on the NBA world, as well as on the team …”. Then on the Thunder he appears even more relaxed. The impression is that he expects to be preceded by Jabari Smith, on the stage of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in shaking hands with Commissioner Silver, Thursday night… “I can be a good fit anywhere. But Giddey is a director with good vision, I It would make life easy. Shai (Gigeous-Alexander) doesn’t need anyone. But I can space the field with my shot. Presti, the General Manager, has won in the past and has a clear vision of the future. ” Finally: “Orlando or KC? It doesn’t depend on me, wherever I go it will be fine, I’ll tie my shoes to go to work …”. Simple.

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Nba game

Like the white T-shirt he’s wearing, which makes him look skinny. He doesn’t bother setting himself up for the occasion. He takes care of his game, 14 points, 10 rebounds, 39% of 3 points for the Zags. Who cares about the look, that sui generis physique on which someone distrusts for immediate impact and durability: “My game is varied. I work every day in the weight room, on my diet, and I want my shot to be pure and consistent . I focus on moving my feet in my half court, moving sideways, defending on the perimeter. My defensive instincts? I have been playing basketball morning / evening since I was 9 years old … Nba game suits me, I think. my characteristics, running, run and gun … “.

College blessing

For him it was also easy to choose between university and the shortcut of professionalism. “The G League? Every prospect has to evaluate the best path for him. For me playing for Coach Few, for the Zags, was the ideal path. I’m excited, it’s a blessing to be in this situation now. My role from the ready. / away in Nba? I worked on some things, I can’t wait to be able to show them to everyone “. And she says it with the tone of someone who makes it simple …



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