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With Jalisco at the head of the Conade National Games medal table, Nuevo León occupies the second position, Baja California consolidates itself in third place and continues to add, obtaining great results in Swimming, Cycling, Badminton, Baseball and Hockey. They prepare for Canoeing, Artistic Gymnastics and Volleyball in Tijuana, and Fencing in Mexicali

Reaching the middle of the Conade National Games calendar, the Baja California delegation established itself among the great powers, and as usual, fighting with Jalisco and Nuevo León.

In Swimming, Baja California was positioned among the three best states in the country, with more than 40 total medals. During five days of intense competition, the Aquatic Complex of the High Performance Center (CAR) offered a very high level with competitors who in the not too distant future will represent Mexico in prestigious international events.

On the last day, “Baja” continued to add a large number of medals, with nine harvested on this occasion, divided into four golds, two silvers and three bronzes, which allowed special recognition by the National Sports Commission (Conade) as the third best State, adding 14 gold metals, 13 silver and 13 bronze, only behind Quintana Roo (16 gold) and Jalisco (15).

The two great figures of this edition for BC were José Alberto Cano and Maximiliano Vega, who individually contributed six gold medals for their State account, also confirming themselves as Baja Californian figures to follow in world-class events.

To obtain these results, a strong push has been provided by the State Government commanded by Marina Del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, which, through the Institute of Sport and Physical Culture of Baja California, has made significant investments in its aquatic complexes. . In the CAR, 22 heat pumps were installed to ensure the optimal temperature and quality of the water, with an investment of 2,441,705 pesos; while in Ciudad Deportiva de Mexicali, 16 pumps were installed that meant a contribution of one million 745 thousand pesos.


Antonio Navarro won gold in the men’s Keirin C test and Leonardo Dávila silver in the 500-meter Time Trial, to give the “State 29” its last medals in Speed ​​Cycling within the Conade 2022 Nationals. Baja California would continue with its position on the podiums of a competition at the CAR velodrome, with a general sum of 13 medals: three gold, six silver and four bronze.

Navarro lived a dream edition, because personally, he won two of the three golds for “Baja”, the last of these, clocking a time of 11.638 seconds, rolling at an average speed of 61.866 kilometers per hour and beating Sibraim Tejeda from Aguascalientes and Luis Camacho from Baja California Sur, who obtained silver and bronze, respectively.


Far surpassing last year’s performance, the BC Badminton team closed its participation in the Under 15 category of the Conade 2022 Nationals, with four golds and one silver. At the Reforma Sports Unit in Tijuana, the Baja California team closed the last date in a big way, by achieving three gold medals and one silver.

Malissa McKoy emerged as the great figure in this category, climbing to the top of the podium in three different modalities, collaborating directly in three of the four gold medals won by Baja California. The player was crowned in singles, women’s doubles alongside Camila Morales and mixed doubles alongside Gael Velázquez.

In singles, McKoy defeated Carol Silva, from Nuevo León, with partials of 21-10 and 21-19, in the dispute for gold, before having eliminated Sara Delgado, also from Nuevo Leon, in the semifinals, with sets of 21-12 and 21-16. In women’s doubles, she “Baja” beat Nuevo León, made up of Dana Castillo and Valeria Moreno, with scores of 21-10 and 21-16. The other gold was for teams with Gissell Castañeda, Emanuel Crespo, Mónica Soto, Luis Quezada and Maximiliano Moreno, in addition to the aforementioned Malissa Micky and Camila Morales. The silver went to Gael Velázquez.


The Baja California Junior National Team won the gold medal by beating Baja California Sur 2-1 in the final of the Conade 2022 Nationals, held at the Tomateros Field in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Directed by Francisco “Chito” Chávez, those from BC crowned a great tournament in the Sinaloa capital, with a final game between two representatives of Region 1, in which Leonardo Fuentes beat César Rico in the pitching duel. They tied the game at one run in the bottom of the first inning, when Esteban Romero led off with a single to center; Norberto Aguilar was sacrificed to advance his partner and Braulio Cavero responded with an unstoppable producer.

In the second inning, Baja California stepped on the register again, in a batch that began with a hit to Roberto Esquer’s central defender and took second base with a steal. After the strikeouts to Sergio Zazueta and Gustavo Oviedo, would come the RBI single by Ichiro Rodríguez, which in the end made the difference. The South Californians had scored the race in the pool in the very first inning.

Leonado Fuentes, the winning pitcher, had five hits, one base on balls, one run and seven strikeouts in six innings; the rescue went to Braulio Cavero. César Rico walked the entire route with seven hits, two runs, two strikeouts and did not walk.

The medal table was completed with the bronze of Sonora, which in the game for third place, beat Nuevo León.




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