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'Anderlecht springs into action and intervenes drastically after Felice Mazzu's demand'

Monday 20 June 2022 – 19:00 I by Editorial staff

Felice Mazzu wants Sergio Gomez to stay. That is not obvious, because there is quite a lot of interest for the Spaniard from Europe.

Mazzu can obviously use Gomez on the flanks. That message has also reached the management of Anderlecht.

According to The last hour Purple & White therefore takes a major measure. Unlike, say, Hendrik Van Crombrugge or Yari Verschaeren, Gomez is in principle not for sale.

Anderlecht will only give in if an offer that cannot be refused is made for Gomez. However, the club is holding its breath regarding Gomez’s physical preparedness.

Right choice?

He chose not to have surgery on his pubalgia. The coming weeks will show whether this was the right choice.

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