a decree obliges residents to wear sneakers for Olympic Day

The mayor of the city thus intends to show the support of Joinville-le-Pont for the Olympic and Paralympic Games which will take place in France in 2024.

It is a decree that the mayor of Joinville-le-Pont himself describes as “unusual”. Olivier Dosne shared on his Facebook page a decree obliging the inhabitants of his town to wear sneakers on June 23, on the occasion of Olympic and Paralympic Day.

Since “Joinville-le-Pont has been labeled ‘Terre de Jeux 2024”, that “the people of Joinville and Joinville all have at least one pair of sneakers in their closet”, and “that moccasins have gone out of fashion since 80s except in certain cities of Hauts-de-Seine”, all inhabitants “of walking age must, when they move in public space on the municipal territory, wear sneakers on the day of June 23, 2022” a he wrote.

Highly recommended socks

Olivier Dosne added a few rules to this decree aimed at supporting “with a little humor” the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The mayor notably “strictly forbids swinging his old pair of sneakers on the electric cables” and “strongly recommends” the wearing of socks “for reasons of olfactory comfort”.

Children are also “allowed to annoy their parents and grandparents if they go out without wearing sneakers.” Finally, the mayor of the city provides for a sanction for those who do not comply with the rules.

“Anyone violating this decree must perform five squats as quickly as possible and five jumps as high as possible (and realize that in basketball it would have been easier)” he wrote.



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