The Professional Football League joined the fight against ALS: the emotional video of Esteban Bullrich

Esteban Bullrich’s emotional message in gratitude to the Professional Football League for joining the fight against ELA

The Professional Soccer League (LFP) and the 28 clubs that make it up joined the fight with the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS. On the next date of the championship the focus will be to inform about the subject and to be able to raise funds for the Foundation Stephen Bullrichthe former national senator for the Province of Buenos Aires, who in December 2021 resigned from his bench after announcing that he suffers from said disease and took charge of promoting research on the condition, in addition to assisting other patients.

The LFP released a video on its social networks featuring Bullrich, who thanked the League for getting involved in the problem and helping to combat it. In addition, he again showed his love for River Plate. In December 2021 witnessed the change of authorities of the Núñez club and was applauded. In addition, he wished the Argentine team good wishes for the next World Cup in Qatar.

“I want to thank the Professional Football League of Argentina for the opportunity it gives us on this next date, not only to make ELA visible, but to raise funds for the foundation through the jerseys of the clubs that make it up. I want to thank all the presidents of the clubs that make it up, especially the authorities of the club of my loves. And let me end by wishing that this year the champions of the Americas become world champions. Let’s go, fuck Argentina!” said the former legislator.

Esteban Bullrich’s video on the World Day against ALS

This Tuesday is the World ALS Daya date promoted by patient associations around the world to raise awareness about this disease, join forces and demand more research, which is one of the fundamental pillars to increase the life expectancy of patients

Under the slogan “Let’s talk about ELA”, the LFP joined the movement to be able to collaborate on the issue and it is an important gesture considering that soccer is a sport that attracts the masses and with the information that can be provided in the matches of the fifth date of the tournament, it is sought that the public can learn more about this evil.

It is not the first time that the Bullrich uses the football bridge to spread the fight against ALS. After a Infobae interview with former Spanish goalkeeper Juan Carlos Unzué (played for Sevilla with Diego Maradona and was led by Charles Bilardo), who is also a coach and fights against ALS, the former senator spoke with him and discussed the issue. They were united by the goal of helping those who suffer from the disease.

Esteban Bullrich receives a greeting from Marcelo Gallardo on the day of the change of authorities of River Plate (Nicolás Stulberg)

On his social networks, Bullrich also referred to this very special day and stated: “Today is a very special day for me and for more than 3,000 patients who suffer from ALS in our country. This date means the possibility of raising our voice to ask for a cure for this disease as soon as possible and to be able to make visible the problems we have as patients”.

“There are many of us, throughout the country, who ask to put aside bureaucracies and promote research that allows us to improve our quality of life. Because in diseases like these we have no time to lose, ”he added.

“Let us join efforts and raise awareness about the importance of making this disease known. Help us too by sharing this message. ALS has a cure, we just have to find it”, he concluded.

ALS is a degenerative disease of the nervous system and reduces functionality in the muscles with which they connect. Medications and therapy can reduce the progression of ALS and the discomfort. For now, the cause is unknown and there is no cure, which is why research on the subject is so important.




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