Promoting the Diversified Development of Basketball NBA China Signs Long-Term Cooperation with New Partners_Brand_Both sides_Official Zhang Wen

Original title: To promote the diversified development of basketball NBA China signs long-term cooperation with new partners, February 23 news: Recently, sports brand PUMA and NBA China held a strategic cooperation conference, officially announcing that they have reached a long-term partnership, marking that PUMA has become the official market partner of NBA China.

Zhang Wenzheng, chief commercial officer of NBA China, said: “Basketball fans are keen on the integration of sneakers and fashion. We look forward to providing more choices for the new generation of fans and continuing to promote the development of basketball with PUMA.”

Bo Jiyong, President of PUMA Greater China, said, “We are very pleased to have reached this cooperation with NBA China. As one of the most influential professional sports leagues in the world, the long-term strategic cooperation between the two parties will help PUMA in The basketball industry continues to create dazzling performances, and PUMA basketball will enter a new stage of development in China.”

PUMA and NBA will continue to strengthen the coordination and exchange of resources to promote the diversified development of their respective brands and the basketball industry. Return to Sohu, see more


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