Foot OM – OM: Barça goes on the attack for Kamara!

Plunged into turmoil over the past ten days, Boubacar Kamara will have to make an important decision for the rest of his career with Olympique de Marseille.

While he comes to the end of his contract with the Marseille club, Boubacar Kamara is necessarily courted by major European clubs. Some time ago, the French press reported an interest from Bayern Munich in the 22-year-old. But now, it is FC Barcelona who have decided to recruit the Marseille defensive player. In search of a reinforcement in central hinge for the next season, Barça has indeed just abandoned the Jules Koundé file, considered too expensive by the management, who refuses to pay 65 ME to buy the defender of Sevilla. All this in order to put all his chances on his side for Kamara. Indeed, according to information from El Nacional, the FCB has found an alternative in L1 with the Olympian minot.

Barca contacted Kamara’s agent

With this in mind, Joan Laporta would have even contacted Kamara’s entourage to find out if a possible arrival at Camp Nou alongside Xavi would be likely to interest him. “Kamara does not intend to extend with Marseille, because he seeks to take a step forward in his career. Laporta told him of Barcelona’s interest. It would be a deal that would suit the club as well, as it would be a free transfer ”, can we read on the Catalan media, which therefore explains that Barça wants Kamara to evolve in central defense, and not in the position of defensive midfielder, where he has been repositioned at OM.

Either way, this new rumor will give Kamara some thought, who still hasn’t made a decision about her future. Before the match against Nantes on Wednesday (1-1), the former French international hopefuls had indeed confirmed to be in a certain vagueness: “It is my representatives who manage the offers received or not. What I especially want is to continue to work and continue to progress, to win titles and to work in good conditions. I’ll tell you when I’ve made up my mind. I will be the first to come “. Criticized by supporters of the Marseille club last week, Kamara will in any case be free to choose from from January 1. Which is not really good news for Pablo Longoria…



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