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They build a plant to treat water and start the Bellomonte golf course in Havana

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The Cuban Government continues with its project to build a golf course in Bellomonte, east of Havana.

According to this Friday the official newspaper Havana Tribune, The territorial Delegation of the Ministry of the Environment in the Cuban capital assures that progress is being made in the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in the town of Peñas Altas, in Guanabo.

This plant is supposed to solve not only the problems with the recycling of wastewater from various districts of East Havana, but also “will allow the start of the tourist development of the Campo de Golf Bellomonte Real Estate.

Cuba has been announcing the Bellomonte golf course project for years, a wooded area of ​​Guanabo, famous for its viewpoint.

In 2015, the magazine Options published the constitution of a Chinese-Cuban joint venture dedicated to golf. This would be formed by the state-owned Cuba Golf and the Chinese Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. The company aimed to develop a golf course east of Havana.

The project, the second of its kind approved in Cuba, was born with a budget of 462 million dollars.

In 2016 the portal negociosdelmundo.com published that the Cuban authorities had signed a memorandum of understanding with the owners of la empresa china Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd to urbanize the area by building not only the golf course, but also a hotel-condominium complex, with an investment of 462 million dollars.

Beijing Enterprises Holdings Ltd. is a beer production, natural gas distribution company with investment and design assets as well. In addition, it operates water supply and wastewater treatment plants (such as the one being built in Peñas Altas), manages toll roads; eliminates hazardous waste and offers electronic payment systems, as collected Bloomberg.

The first joint venture dedicated to golf was born in Cuba in 2014 by Palmares and the British Esencia Hotels and Resorts. Together they planned to build a golf course near Varadero, in which they intended to invest $ 360 million.

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At the time Hosteltur He explained that the British project included 2,000 apartments, a golf course, a shopping center and a hotel.

In 2015, there was talk of the interest of Spanish companies in closing agreements with Palmares to develop golf courses in Cuba.

To these companies that invest in golf courses, Cuba offers 99 years of surface rights or perpetuity. In addition, it links the extinction of the company to the period of recovery of the investment made, the characteristics of the project or the amount of resources mobilized for its construction, according to Hosteltur.

Among the golf course projects in Cuba are the one at El Salado, west of Havana, and the one at Punta Colorada, in Pinar del Río.

Cuba resurrects the Bellomonte project, in a context of tourism crisis on the island, which in the first months of this year has registered a 94% decrease in the number of foreign visitors.

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