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What is known about the shot agent Roman Bezzubov and his progress in Latvian football

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In Latvia, too, football has become interesting for many influential people in recent years, as it is possible to earn and turn impressive sums not only from selling skilled players to higher-level teams and success internationally (for participation and successful matches in UEFA tournaments) or litigation. International Football Federation Associations support the national federation. However, in the world, quite a lot also in the post-Soviet bloc, there is no shortage of those who do not want to spend precious time building competitive teams or nurturing new talents, but to earn quickly and easily. The easiest way to do this is to influence the outcome and course of the game by forcing players to take some action on the court so that the bet previously made at the bookmakers will bring someone a substantial profit. Such people are not loved in football circles, but there is no shortage of them.

Football agent Roman Bezzubov was shot at the age of 41 – nine years after finishing his football career, which was mostly spent in the Latvian football league. In total, Bezzubovs, who played in the position of the attacking midfielder in the strongest football league in Latvia, played 139 matches, in which he stood out with nine goals.

During his career, he represented such clubs as Riga’s “Daugava”, “Jurmala”, “Jurmala VV” and even the ambitious but infamous “Venta” in Kuldiga, which, despite the grandiose plans of the odious owner Rostislava Štiņa (used the name Ross Akmens in Latvia) , quickly went bankrupt. In the penultimate season of his career, he also tried his luck as a legionnaire when he played seven games for the Albanian Premier League club Bylis Ballsh.

In recent years, Bezzubov has acted as a football agent, representing the BR-Sport Agency. Among the novel’s clients were such well-known current and former players of the Latvian national team as Vitalijs Jagodinskis, Vladislavs Gabovs and Aleksandrs Fertovs, talented Vladislavs Soloveičiks, Jānis Grīnbergs, Aleksejs Grazjanovs and others.

Bezzubov’s name was heard in the public last year in connection with the conflict that took place in FK “Valmiera”, when his client Jagodinskis did not wait for the support of head coach Tamaz Pertija after training in a training situation with the current team member Tunisian Zadema. The Georgian specialist did not side with the football player of the Latvian national team. Several other Vidzeme team players rebelled against Jagodinsky and in the letter called for a change of coach. It was Bezzubov and the former Latvian national footballer and current functionary Vladimir Kolesnichenko who inspired such an attempt at the revolution. The coach remained in office and won third place in the Premier League, while Jagodinsky left the team and currently represents RFS.

Last year, the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) Player Status and Transition Committees (SSPK) satisfied the claims of three of his clients – Andrejs Kožuhars, Mikola Musolitina and Jagodinska – regarding the payment of salary from the “Valmiera” club.

LFF Bezzubova is described as an active and well-known person in the football environment with a wide range of contacts. The LFF also promises legal assistance to domestic footballers represented by the agency, if necessary.

Firmas.lv information shows that Bezzubov and Viktorija Mogilevich own SIA “BR-sport agency”. In 2019, the company had a turnover of 1,750 euros and a loss of 7,688 euros. Information for last year is not available. The legal address of the company is near the crime scene in Purvciems, Zvaigznāja gatve 4-13.

There has been no lack of incomprehensible and suspicious events in Latvian club football in recent years. Two top league teams – the champions of FC “Riga” for the last three years, which were preparing for the season in almost elite conditions in Dubai for a long time, and the president of FC “Ventspils” respectively: Vladimir Putin, millionaire Sergei Lomakin and Adlan Shishhanov. Meanwhile, last year the State Revenue Service conducted searches in both the Latvian Football Federation and FC Ventspils. However, the freshest strangeness in public is definitely related to FC “Noah Jūrmala”, which suddenly entered the league.

How many Armenian investors suddenly thought about wanting to hire their team in the Latvian Premier League and gathered a competitive line-up, so quickly they thought and on the eve of the championship in the Super League table one team had already been deleted. It is said in football circles that behind this Armenian reluctance there are actually some local interests. The team was ready to play in the Premier League even without the help of the wealthy Armenians. Our football environmentalists say Igor Ivanov, a businessman accused of various crimes (including murders) and repeatedly convicted in connection with various crimes (including murders), was ready to provide the necessary funding to the team, who was ready to invest after pushing aside Armenian plans.

The meeting in the Premier League “Noah” was also a bit peculiar, as it was agreed that they would participate in the place of Daugavpils “Lokomotiv”. The people of Daugavpils had earned a place in the Premier League, but had already accumulated a large amount of debt, so the place was handed over to the wealthy Armenians. The result was missed in the sports fields – the team in the Sports Arbitration Court is fighting against LFF for, in their opinion, unfair decision not to allow to play, but the former football players of Daugavpils club have not received the overdue salaries.

In the middle of all these freshest misfortunes with the sports king in Latvia, there are suspicions about negotiating games both locally and internationally. There is also a shortage of footballers and functionaries related to Latvia who have already received disqualifications, but the problem is definitely global.

There is almost a consensus in football circles about the shooting of Roman Bezzubov on the street in Purvciems. The murder was related to money matters – whether it was about the stakes, or the inability to distribute the transfer interest of one player, or by chance to earn someone else’s money. However, one thing is clear – football is not just a sports game for many.

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Interestingly, just a few hours after the tragic event in Purvciems, the Minister of the Interior Sandis Ģirģens convened a meeting on internal security, which should be attended by the Latvian Association of Local Governments, the Latvian Association of Large Cities, the Municipal Police and the Latvian Association of Housekeepers and Managers. management of the services. It is no wonder, because last year Ģirģens looked with keen eyes at the position of the President of the Latvian Football Federation. However, the politician did not take office, convincingly conceding the current Latvian football leader Vadim Lashenko.

Jauns.lv has already reported that in Riga, Purvciems, this morning, while driving in his “Volkswagen Touareg” car, a football agent Roman Bezzubovs was shot, who played for himself in the Latvian Premier League.

Police have found that there were at least two attackers in a BMW X5.

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