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Patricia Eiduka for the “Three Star Award:” Admittedly, it’s a pleasant surprise “

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It has already been reported that the best athlete of Latvia in 2020 at the “Three Star Awards 2020” ceremony was announced the cross-country skier Patrīcija Eiduka, and the athlete was boxer Mairis Briedis.

Eiduka has become the first representative of skiing to win the prestigious award. Even during the previous 16 years, when the “Award of the Year” in sports was held, no representative of winter sports had managed to win the title of “Athlete of the Year”.

2020 was a very successful year for the busy offspring of the Eiduk family. First of all, at the end of January, she was the first Latvian woman to enter the World Cup in the thirties, taking 27th place in the freestyle in the ten-kilometer distance.

A month later, in the 15-kilometer freestyle world junior championship with a joint start, the then 20-year-old Latvian won the high fourth place, achieving the country’s best result in the world junior championships, because without her no one else in the top ten junior competitions. It was only one second until the medal.

In mid-December, Ingus Eiduk, a student training for the Polish team, reached the best shape of the season and achieved historic success in the World Cup skiing stages. She was the first from Latvia to reach the quarterfinals or the best thirty in the sprint, winning the 18th place, but in the ten-kilometer distance she won the eighth place, becoming the first Latvian cross-country skier to enter the top ten.

“I am very happy. I have to admit that it is a pleasant surprise. It gives a boost of energy after a long and difficult season,” Eiduka shared her emotions after receiving the award in a conversation with her representative. “I am glad that the hard training hours, work and time have been appreciated. It is undeniably pleasant and prestigious to receive such an award. It gives satisfaction for what has been done and will provide additional motivation for very hard work in training in the future.”

“Such recognition is a thank you to all those who have helped me on my long journey to this award,” the 21-year-old skier explained the importance of winning the award. “I would like to thank the family, the coaches, the ski smearers, the doctors, all the supporters, especially the construction company” Merks “, which started to help several years ago and now provide the most support, as well as everyone who has been with me and supported because that is the common merit of us all. “

Eiduka made no secret of the fact that she had been following the “Awards of the Year” event for several years before, and she had always enjoyed prestige.

“Most of the women have won athletes from athletics, basketball, martial arts or tennis. Cross-country skiing has not been popular in Latvia, and in terms of results we lagged behind other sports, so in the past, watching the” Award of the Year in Sports “program at home, I could never imagine that something like this could happen to me too, “Eiduka did not hide his pleasant surprise and satisfaction.

As the biggest success last year, she wanted to highlight the fourth place in the junior world championship in the 15-kilometer freestyle with a common start, because its competition prepared a lot of emotions, which made it realize that it is something unprecedented and unprecedented in Latvia.

“At the beginning, when I reached the finish line, I didn’t even realize how great this success was. I was made aware of all my supporters, the many greetings, Latvian journalists and the whole sports family,” the skier moved in his memories. “They all made this result so significant with their kind words and congratulations.”

“I would definitely make this race the most important success of 2020,” said Eiduka. “The eighth place in the World Cup stage in Davos, despite the absence of some very strong Scandinavians, was also a very important event for me and was not a success for our country. When I started in Davos in December, it was so easy that it seemed like I was flying, and therefore I did not feel like a sagura, but a pleasant feeling in the race. It was the complete opposite of the world championship in Germany at the end of the season. “

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Eiduka pointed out that the other nominees for the prestigious award had achieved a lot last year, so she did not consider herself a clear favorite, but is grateful to the jury’s assessment.

“The other contestants were very strong and successful in their sports. Any of them also deserved the title. I believe that my success in skiing is not higher or better than the success of other girls in their sports, and I am aware that the jury has evaluated the results achieved in cross-country skiing – one of the first and most prestigious winter sports in Latvia. “

Eiduka was the first of Latvia’s cross-country skiers to enter and remain in the world’s top 100 out of a few thousand participants – at the end of 2020, 65th place in the distance and 84th place in sprint.

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