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Boxer Beatrise Rozentāle wins a historical bronze in the Latvian Youth World Championship

by archysport

Rosenthal conceded 1-4 points to Mohinabon Abdullayev from Uzbekistan.

Four judges with a 30:27 victory awarded the Uzbek boxer, but the Israeli judge preferred the Latvian athlete – 29:28.

It has already been reported that in the first round, the Latvian boxer defeated the Indian Niche Gurjaar by 4-1 points, but in the quarterfinals, German athletes Jenina Zeinab Heka won by 5-0 points.

No other Latvian boxer has previously won an award-winning place in the World Youth Championship.

Previously, Viktorija Herke, Andy Ivanov, Maxim Golubowski, Igor Novikov and Matvey Prokudin lost in their first battles.

The leader of the Latvian team in this competition is boxing veteran Aleksandrs Knohs, but the head coach of the women’s boxing team Linda Ābele has also gone to Poland.

In total, more than 400 boxers from 52 countries are participating in the World Junior Championship this year.

The World Junior Championship in Kielce, Poland, will run until April 24. Athletes born in the period from 2002 to 2003 will start in the junior championship this year. This decision was made because last year’s world championship did not take place.

Athletes born in 2003-2004 will take part in the European Championship in September.

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