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The official song and video clip of the IIHF World Hockey Championship 2021 was presented

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The organizers of the tournament had entrusted the creation of the song to the popular local group “Astro’n’out” this year.

“It is a great honor to create the official song of such an important event! The song is about going for victories and we believe that the whole community of the hockey world will be able to associate with the message of this song, as well as every listener who challenges himself every day, striving for new personal achievements, “says the group ‘s soloist Māra Upmane – Holstein.

The song was created by the popular domestic band “Astro’n’out”. (Photo: Publicity)

Māra Upmane – Holstein also emphasizes that the families and hockey players shown in the clip are not actors, but families representing the Latvian hockey family. These families symbolize the message of the song: behind all the victories is a long, selfless work and selfless family support.

“The new hockey song is beautiful, it expresses an emotional and positive message, it inspires,” Edgars Buncis, the head of the organizing committee, is satisfied with the cooperation with the group “Astro’n’out”. He hopes that the result of the authors’ creative work will become a hit among hockey fans and more.

The IIHF World Hockey Championship 2021 will take place from May 21 to June 6 in Riga. “Arena Riga”, which was built for the IIHF World Hockey Championship 2006 and is home to the Continental Hockey League (KHL) team Riga “Dinamo”, will be the main tournament arena and will host Group B games, two quarterfinals (including Latvian games if it qualifies) , semi – finals and matches for medals.

The Olympic Sports Center is across the street and will be transformed into an hockey arena. It will host Group A fights and two quarter-finals.

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